Father John Misty | God’s Favorite Customer

“I know my way round a tune/there won’t be a single dry eye in the room” states Josh Tillman – full to bursting with self-importance on “Just Dumb Enough to Try”: the third track in on his newest record.
The very fact that Tillman’s singing as an alter ego – Father John Misty – goes some way to diffusing the heavy narcissism that runs thick through his music. Recently described by Alt. Country maestro Ryan Adams as sounding like “a sh*t Elton John sitting in a corner staring at his hands on LSD”, Misty does certainly have a way with songs that are all about himself – not to mention harping on and on ad nauseum about the creative effects of downing a load of class A’s and then recording whatever happens next. (Soooooo 1973, man).
But whatever right? Just so long as the music’s good, and praise the good Father, just like his last couple of long players, God’s Favorite Customer is. Whether it’s subverting the Biblical (Hangout at the Gallows) or defiling hotel rooms (Mr. Tillman), the song craft shines through every time.
Folky, country, beardy, tragic, and doused in dry wit (yeah OK he actually is a bit of a bard), the songs go down like a decent craft beer served in a hipster bar. It’s kind of a joke, but that’s the joke. How else would he get away with penning lines like “Last night I wrote a poem, man I must have been in the poem zone…” on “The Palace”.
If you’re already a fan you know this is what to expect. If not, look past the ego and enjoy a dose of Misty at his best.
Dan Ashcroft
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