Bali Restaurants

Bali dining has something for everyone

It wasn’t long ago that Bali only offered Indonesian fare like nasi and mie goreng (fried rice or noodles) or nasi campur (mixed rice) and if lucky a bottled tomato sauce-driven Bolognaise in a bamboo hut. However, since about twenty years ago, the Bali culinary scene has grown to something out of this world and one of the major food destinations in the region. The Bali restaurant scene was initially propelled by the major five-star hotel groups arriving on Bali’s shores on the one side and on the other, young travelers from all over the world looking for a way to stay in this tropical paradise and starting their own restaurants. Bali dining has been very organic in its growth and has become very organic and health conscious now in its produce. But there is something for everyone in the Bali culinary world, from the fanciest dining you will ever experience to the most rudimentary bamboo hut as mentioned above that is still found on most beaches. It’s up to you to find your place within it, or enjoy the whole lot as most of us living here do. Good luck with the culinary journey. Here is The Beat list of all our favourite restaurants.