Circus. Vibe Collective Anniversary.

Red Ruby. Saturday 15 April, 2023.
Two years of pure VIBE at Red Ruby were celebrated by Vibe Collective last Friday night with the Circus party.ย  The ๐Ÿฎ๐—ป๐—ฑ ๐—”๐—ก๐—ก๐—œ๐—ฉ๐—˜๐—ฅ๐—ฆ๐—”๐—ฅ๐—ฌ with friends, beats, endless dancing, and unforgettable moments. DJs Simo White, Fran Tinez and a host of others, including XJane pictured here, were behind the driving wheel.ย 

Teenage Mutants

Red Ruby. Saturday 15 April, 2023.
Teenage Mutants have an interesting name but more than that thye know how to party. The project started with two German friends โ€“Christian and Fabio who bang out the vibe all over the world. This week in Red Ruby. El Didion and the dancers finished them off.ย 


Red Ruby. Saturday 11 March, 2023.
Stardust is the place to be for house, prog and tech sounds late Saturday night, this week with ALAN TAND, MOHSE and SHAMMUI pumping out the latest sounds. The crowd was going bonkers.ย 

CIRCUS AND ๐—๐— ๐—–๐—˜๐—˜

Red Ruby. Friday 24 February, 2023.
Aussie DJ ๐—๐— ๐—–๐—˜๐—˜ was on the dials and pumping up the room with his particular ix of urban house beats. Shammui then finished them off. Great nightย 

HOVR and Apsari do Ruby

Red Ruby. Saturday 11 February, 2023.
German, Thailand based, DJ HOVR was playing some energetic sounds for this Saturday night at RR, with a rather large crowd in attendance.ย  Apsari started precedings.ย 

Stella Bossi is da Bosss

Red Ruby. Friday 3 February, 2023.
German, Berlin based DJ Stella Bossi showed why she’s now the hottest product in hard hitting techno around the globe with one fo the most anticiapated shows at RR in recent history. The place was packed like never before, and we also saw on The Beat pages the amount of interest in the gig, eclipsing every event in the build up to it. The reality even lived up to the hype. Great show and energy.ย 

Manda Moor in da house

Red Ruby. Friday 20 January, 2023.
The Danish-Filipino DJ and producer based in Paris. Manda Moor was on the decks and firing up a Friday night of techno house beats with the great crowd of Red Ruby punters that we all know and love. Another pumped out Friday night at the Rubes.ย 

Just Another Friday Night

Red Ruby. Saturday 31 December, 2022.
Red Ruby brought Audio Alchemist to the Petitenget club for NYE, with conjuring DJs and Alchemists XJane X RBN. Raysoo. James Taylor. Touch the Sound. Shammui in the club and Fran Tinez. Micheal earth. Manu-L on the Terrace. The after party went on till dawn.ย 

Just Another Friday Night

Red Ruby. Friday 9 December, 2022.
It may well be just another Friday night at Ruby but with Don’t Blink, James Taylor and Maex on the decks the music is gonna be pumping and the party will be going to dawn or thereabouts. The sexy dancers and awesome party crowd just add to the festivities.ย 

Drunken Kong

Red Ruby. Friday 18 November, 2022.
Half of Tokyo’s Drunken Kong duo arrived and blasted the V10 mixer at Red Ruby with one of the best techno sets in a long time. A slow crowd at first quickly grew into something substantial with every drop revealed.ย 


Red Ruby. Friday 11 November, 2022.
Snow had fallen on Red Ruby last Friday as the place transformed into the snow in Narnia for the birthday ofย  DJ Tery Cora with help behind the decks from Lee Solar, Za and Baobab Chic. Big night for the Petenget underground club.ย ย 


Red Ruby. Saturday. 29 October, 2022.
Fun and games for the punters at Red Ruby once more. Prizes for the most spectacularly dressed and good times for the rest. The sounds this time underground – aren’t they always.ย ย 


Red Ruby. Saturday. 8 October, 2022.
Germany DJ producer MARK JACKUS was in the house for this Saturday night bringing with him some hefty kraut techno for the adoring techno crowd.ย 


Red Ruby. Saturday. 1 October, 2022.
Local resident DJs from Red Ruby took on each other with a back to back battle to find out who was the best. It looked like Shammui had it in the bag but in the end they were all winners. Good times, great show.ย 


Red Ruby. Saturday. 10 September, 2022.
Berlin based, Thai national, Nakadia was back in town and again at Red Ruby, theย  underground centre of Bali nightlife to blast out some real techno as they say. Good night, big crowd.ย 

Dee Montero

Red Ruby. Friday. 26 August, 2022.
Dee Montero was in the house. He started kinda melodic but quickly got into a tech house, pumping sound. Awesome set, all the way through.

Darin Epsilon

Red Ruby. Saturday. 20 August, 2022.
Red Ruby had special guest DJ, Darin Epsilon in the house last Saturday night playing his underground progressive for an adoring crowd.

Progressive Rubes

Red Ruby. Saturday. 6 August, 2022.
The underground music centre of Seminyak/Petitenget was in full flight with Progressive House and Melodic Techno on the menu with DJs Alan Tano,ย  Shammui and El Didion supplying the beats.