The Rose Bali is Back

Jenja. Wednesday 9 August. 2023.  Jenja was opened for one night only to welcome the return of The Rose to Bali nightlife last Wednesday. With an awesome DJ line-up, plenty of pole-dancing upstairs, even the restaurant bar open at the entrance, it was like a night out at the Jenja of old. Djs Arien Cathrine, RBN, Riri Mestica and Stadium’s own Bobby in the house it couldn’t go wrong. It was an all-round great night in the real Bali of old style. Congrats to Mr Rose, Mikail and team. 


Jenja. Saturday 22 April. 2023.  This Saturday they we’re throwing a Farewell Ball for ALAR and Vadim Utopia as they set sail away from the Island of Gods. With ALAR, Lonner, Karavagy, and VS20 on decks LIVE, the large crowd danced the night away with organic and techno music right till late. Great night and did I mention how hot the crowd was, glory!


Jenja. Friday 14 April. 2023.Hip Hop in the house supplied by TEFFO | AMTAKE | VEBO and MC CAMEL. Good times and Jenja does appear to be gettign their nightlife act together again. Hip Hop Fridays. Tech House Saturdays.


Jenja. Friday 24 Feb. 2023. We were popping bottles and letting loose on the dancefloor at Jenja’s bubble-filled party last Saturday night with DJs ESTEH, EVANGELOS and ARIEN CATHRINE conducting the sounds. She played a hard hitting set of the latest tech house. 


Jenja. Friday 24 Feb. 2023. Hard Rock Radio took over and poured some bubbles on a wet night, for one night only with their party brand Paranoia. DJs Evangelos, Dmust Akira and Manu-L held the dance floor while the rain took no prisoners outside. 

Bad Romance

Jenja. Friday 17 Feb. 2023. Bad Romance – Valentine’s edition, was the spot to find your perfect match and Win Big Prizes last Friday. With a raft of top DJs supplying the sounds, dancers and fashionable people filling the club to capacity, it was a big night for all involved. Did you find your partner in crime?

More Bubbles with Arra

Jenja. Saturday 11 Feb. 2023.  Filipina Arra was in the house to serve some spicy house numbers for the Saturday night crowd. 


Jenja. Saturday 21 Jan. 2023.  With free glasses of bubbles for early punters on Saturdays it’s no surprise Jenja is packing them in on Bubble night. Underground house focused beats are the style of music and there is plenty of style on the dance floor too with one of the most fashionable crowds in town in attendance. DJs EsTeh, Evan and AJ O’Grady took care of the dials. 


Jenja. Friday 20 Jan. 2023.  Urbanised is back at Jenja, this time around on Friday nights, and it was really pumping for this second Friday night edition with DJs Daniel Sanger, BILWEB and AMTAKE blasting out the mashed up vibes for a solid young and older crowd. 

Befores in da House

Jenja. Saturday 22 Oct. Befores Music was in charge of the decks this Saturday night. An early full house was a great way to start and the night went on famously. EsTeh, CRT, Kem Otto and Ardi Pite supplied to vibe. 

Jenja Friday night

Jenja Club continues picking up pace and now is back to underground music on Fridays and Saturdays

Jenja Reopens on the Weekends

Jenja Club is back again this time opening only on the weekends, Friday and Saturday nights are all about the Underground. These pics are from the first Friday night open.