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Nyepi is coming soon, so be prepared.

Bali has a complete day off once a year and it’s called Nyepi. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else around the world and it comes highly recommended to try ‘the day of silence’ in all its glory at least once in your life time.

This year all lights, noise and movement are kept to a minimum from 6am March 11 till 6am March 12.

You have to stay in your house, villa or hotel. Everything is closed outside on the streets. There are no flights in or out of Bali, but if there is an emergency you can get assistance from the local banjars pecalang, who are guarding each banjar/neighbourhood.

It’s OK to keep the air con on! But the rest of your tools, TV, stereo, appliances and especially lights, should be kept off.  

The day before, March 10, is the street festival-like parade of ogoh-ogoh effigies, made by local banjars and traditionally burnt down the beach after being paraded through town (but no longer burnt for safety and environmental reasons). It’s festive time and basically the Bali calendar’s NYE. It is a great time to be on the island and an experience not to be missed.

More info here about the day before

Nyepi is a good opportunity for reflection, meditation and especially fasting. Relax, chill-out and dream about what the next year may bring. Many other people decide to stay in hotels, or stay with friends having a few drinks. It is up to you what you do, but whatever it is, please keep it subdued. 

Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi



March 11, 2024 6:00 am(GMT+08:00)

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