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Creamery has long been famous among the Ice Cream aficionados in Bali and their freshly churned Nitro Ice Cream has earned them a cult status. The team behind it just recently opened a NEW super grammable parlor at Tamora Gallery and it’s straight out of the Willy Wonka world – mute pastels of pink and yellow meet bright shades of turquoise. The jars of colorful toppings sit neatly organized on the shelfs and its glass walls connect the inside with the outside. They’re conveniently located right next to the impressive Tamora kids playground, ideal for letting the little ninjas zip around and snap out from the ice cream coma.

They’ve got badass 2-for-1 promos too, every Saturday you can knock yourself out on their fantastic Ice Cream Sandwiches. Try the fluffy chocolate sandwich with vanilla ice cream, positively life changing. Mondays are for 2-for-1 all natural, creamy, thick, no artificial nonsense added milkshakes.

We’re also head over heels for their Sundaes, Creamery has an extensive menu of their own creative concotions, but if you feel like a daredevil, you’re encouraged to create your own – we go all out and experiment with combining a gajilion toppings. Another fave is strawberry ice cream topped with gummy bears and sprinkels – it’s a kiddo special, but we like to revisit our happy childhoods thru its taste!

If you want your Ice Cream made fresh right in front of your eyes – they use liquid nitrogen and watching the steam coming out of the machine is just as much fun as eating the icy cream afterwards.

At Tamora Gallery
Jalan Berawa 99x
IG: @creamerybali

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