Guide to Legian Restaurants & Bars

Guide to Legian – Legian Restaurants & Bars Legian is sandwiched between two different worlds—Kuta and Seminyak—but has a whole life of its own. It’s a little quieter than its two [...]

3 Days in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an island about 40 minutes by boat from Bali. Its neighbouring islands are the famous Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Cenigan that are known for their great surf and marine life. If you [...]

5 of the Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Bali Beach clubs have become a way of life for sunseekers and the party crowd visiting the island. Sit back and relax on your day bed or jump in the ocean, it’s an exclusive experience and there [...]

Serangan Beach

Located on the east coast of the island JUST SOUTH OF Sanur, Serangan is a totally underrated beach to spend the day chilling at. Pics: BR. Text: Rusty S. Location Nestled right in between Benoa [...]

Double Six/Blue Ocean Beach

Back in the day when Legian and Seminyak were fishing villages, this beach got its name from two of the earliest venues & restos on the island, Blue Ocean and Double Six. Pics: BR. Text: [...]

Batu Bolong Beach

In what can be considered the center of Canggu’s current boom, Batu Bolong Beach currently has a whole lot to offer. Location Batu Bolong is in the heart of Canggu way north of Seminyak beach and [...]