You can find Hatch Bali on the bend of the road just before the old entry road to Bingin and it is full of surprises.

Hatch is an extraordinary colourful, multifaceted tropical paradise, and it re-opened after Covid in December 2022. It’s definitely one of the best bars in Uluwatu, not just because the venue is incredibly colourful and beautifully designed like a forest or jungle, but because the bar feels very much like you are at a psychedelic music festival/bush doof more than in a venue. It’s an indoor-outdoor experience; cool in summer, rainproof in the rainy season. And that’s important right now!

It really is amazing how many nooks and crannies there are at Hatch and it’s like a constantly evolving playground for children and adults alike in which paths meander in every direction possible.

Beer pong, table tennis, board games, and pool tables can be used when the dancefloor isn’t heaving and especially on Tuesdays – Game Night.

Speaking of the music, there are varied and unique music styles each night of the week too.

The beautiful shipping container venue is unlike other venues in Bali. It’s a bit more relaxed and even has a touch of Burning Man Festival in the décor.  According to the management, its design reflects inspirations from iconic lifestyle music festivals, and the decor spreads over two levels to create the sense of being in another dimension, a colourful and playful space entirely designed by the imagination of its creators. They did a great job and Hatch is really quite a wonder.

It is the only venue of its kind, encouraging activities, games and tree-like cubby house structures to climb and interact within. Man, it is a fun place to be, however, the venue’s heart is in its art— and live music.

The venue offers a musical experience first and foremost in its ethos.  As Hatch’s owners told The Beat, “At Hatch, we do not believe in exclusiveness but inclusiveness – Everyone is welcome. We promote oneness by experiencing music together as equals. Guests are free to roam in almost every part of the venue and be free, be yourself.”

Hatch is a place of connectivity and good vibes, not an us and them mentality confining people to their spaces, and it is one space for all to enjoy.

Expect the very best in music from local and International talent from all around the world. Just last week Hatch UK’s Stanton Warriors were in the house. They feature a broad range of music styles too. From house underground to live salsa dancing (on Saturday) and mash-up hip hop (on Thursdays).

When Uluwatu’s Hatch does an event, you can expect it to be a spectacle, but the doors are always open with regular event nights and in-house DJs. At Hatch you can enjoy great food, with impressive cocktails and tap beers seven days a week from 2pm to 2am.

No wonder everyone is talking about Hatch!

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