Q-LOUNGE – Progressive Indian Cuisine & Rockin’ Cocktail Bar

The famed Indian restaurant in the centre of Seminyak, Queen’s Tandoor has revamped recently and returned with what they call a progressive Indian cuisine and concept. This includes a modern dining space downstairs that morphs into a music bar after 10.30pm and a more traditional fine-dining style Indian restaurant space upstairs. The restaurant will be celebrating 20 years this year and without doubt is looking towards the future with this new concept.

With influence from his off-spring, the founder of Queens Tandoor, Puneet has given the restaurant a modern look and feel, breaking into new ground, and keeping with the trends of busy Jalan Seminyak Raya.

The first-floor accommodates 80 diners, and is adorned with elegant and cosy sofa tables, and a VIP corner. The bar boasts a luminous white onyx composition, while a magnificent Indian copper tandoor crowns the rear, peeking through a quaint window. The bar also features some delicious cocktails.

The Indian cuisine has been taken to the next level in their new establishment and as Puneet told The Beat, “Here you can experience a bistronomic adventure where each plate is a canvas, and every bite is a symphony of flavours. From avant-garde cooking techniques to extravagant visual displays.” OK, we are ready!

Q-LOUNGE – Progressive Indian Cuisine & Cocktail Bar is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian cuisine. Picture delicately plated dishes that not only pay homage to the roots of Indian gastronomy but also embrace the spirit of innovation, resulting in an unforgettable dining experience that transcends the ordinary. A unique culinary journey that combines opulence, creativity, and a deep respect for cooking heritage.

One of the highlights on the menu is a tantalising selection of bite-sized treats that are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and bustling streets of India. With a contemporary twist, these sharable nibbles are bursting with creativity and aromas.

The creative cocktail menu showcases a delightful array of bar concoctions. The Mayarani entices with its rich blend of spiced rum, apple, and cinnamon, while the Naked Mary offers a creative twist on the beloved Bloody Mary, as vodka is infused sous-vide with aromatic kaffir leaves, fiery chili, juicy tomato, tangy lemon, and a sprinkle of salt. The Rest in Peach cocktail boasts a refreshing combination of gin, succulent peach, fragrant pandan, and smooth coconut water, all masterfully fermented at a low temperature. Each drink promises a sensory journey, with Bali celebrity bartender Aris Septiawan, behind the wheel, entertaining guests with his bar flair, fire shows, and special cocktails.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 10.30pm onwards, the atmosphere is enhanced by the pulsating minimal techno beats that resonate and entice guests to get up and boogie on the dance floor.

This week Q Lounge features Shammui (Thursday), DJs Sylania and Allay Thirst (Friday).

There is a special Valentine’s Dinner next Wednesday 14 Feb and watch out for their promos that include The Queens Treat, 1 cocktail and and appetiser 99k net, and the very popular Queen’s Elixir, free flow Royal Cocktails for the ladies 10 – 11pm Thurs to Sunday.

The dynamic team at Q-LOUNGE is awaiting your next visit. Let them know The Beat sent you!

Progressive Indian Cuisine & Cocktail Bar
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 1/73, 1st floor
80361 Bali – Seminyak

WA: +62-816-942-942
Reservation: bali@queenstandoor.com
Instagram: @qloungebali



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