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Well, here we are in Bali, it’s now Wednesday July 6 and all is going pretty well.

It’s quite relaxed really since the governement put the price of fuel up last Friday. That price hike seems to have slowed down people getting on the road a bit since.  Before last Friday the traffic was totally mad again and especially in the Canggu side of town. Getting in and out of Canggu was total madness at times. But thankfully this week has been better. The roads were even green/blue enough for me to get the dogs in the car and trundle off to Double Six Beach. Until that point (last Sunday) it was like I was trapped in Berawa.

Speaking of being on the road, I’ve noticed that tourists now seem to be everywhere. Walking around in their brand new clothes and fancy attire. It is interesting how after 2.5 years isolation you notice how people look and especially how rich they look. Ha. That will all become very normal soon as the tourism flood gates open even wider.


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