It’s Time to Revive. Bali Fashion Trend is on again this weekend

Bali Fashion Trend 2023 is back after a four year hiatus, due to the pandemic, of course, and this year, the four day event will feature around 320 designs displayed by domestic fashion designers.

“Finally we have managed to organize the show again. We are very proud because we were able to invite designers from around 40 brands and designers from all over Indonesia,” said Committee Chairman, Dwi Iskandar.

He explained that this year they were able to draw a line of similarity, namely clothes that are easy to wear, comfortable, not tight, but home-style and then packaged again to be more fashionable.

Bali Fashion Trend 2023 will feature around 320 garment designs from domestic fashion designers, with 40 designers bringing eight pieces each to shows on the catwalk from 4-6 August 2023. From the 40 designers there are 12 from Bali, and the rest are from Makassar, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and West Nusa Tenggara.

“Bali Fashion Trend is held so that designers have the opportunity to attract domestic and foreign buyers with their creativity,” Dwi explained.

Apart from providing benefits for fashion designers, the event also aims to help other related MSMEs, including Bali tourism.

With an appropriately named theme, Revival, the Bali Fashion Trend 2023 organisers hope this year’s event will be a form of revival for everyone involved and the industry itself, which fell on hard times during the past few years (like most of the rest of us in town) and hope it will have many positive effects going forward.

“The event will be held at Discovery Mall Bali, Kuta, where it is already common for fashion shows to be held, namely the Discovery Fashion Week,” Dwi explained.

The event will also feature a fashion, craft and food bazaar, talk shows, seminars and workshops, as well as competitions. According to one of the principal designers at the event, Ali Charisma, the first day, Thursday 3 August, will feature exhibitions and kid’s programs, etc and then Friday to Sunday fashion shows start at around 5pm.

Bali Fashion Trend 2023 is organized by the Bali Chapter of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber. One of the unique aspects of BFT is the focus on sustainable and ethical fashion, promoting the use of hand-made Indonesian textiles crafted by local artisans.

Bali Fashion Trend 2023 is Bali’s most anticipated and prestigious fashion event and not to be missed by anyone interested in fashion on the island.

Instagram Bali Fashion Trend

Bali Fashion Trend 2023. Discovery Mall Bali, Kuta. 3 – 6 August, 2023. Free Entry.


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