Friday Q&A with a Bali resident – Gibs

This week with Gibs

Where are you from?

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia!

How old are you?

How long you been in Bali?
I got back 2 years ago, but some of my family have been here since I was a little kid, so always been in and out.

How did you first get into electronic music? Like, was there a certain moment it all made sense?
I started going to raves in the end of middle school, sneaking out of my house in the middle of the night in Bali, or Jakarta and joining my friends in these big open field festivals and the nightclubs. At the time I was more into rock and alternative, but eventually it just became a regular thing. I think what really made me love and pursue electronic music however was getting more into Ableton when I was 18, then also going to a club called Spybar in Chicago.


What do you think make electronic music so good?
The versatility of using sounds you would’ve never imagined existed.

Do you produce music?
Yes! I have been producing music since around I was in middle school (SMP).

How long have you been a DJ and how would you describe your music you make or play?
I’d say playing around with friends since 2017, professionally since 2022. Now I make a lot of minimal and deep house, but I play a lot of old-school house, minimal, UKG, breakbeats and all that underground fun stuff. Definitely deep is a consistent feeling in the music I play. When I play vinyl it’s usually old school house, tech house and minimal.

What’s your favourite area in Bali to hang out (day-time)?
Uluwatu, usually to surf or have brunch.

What’s your favourite place in Bali at night(where you don’t work)?
I love Ubud, the crowd there and the people are the most open and welcoming. They have some great bars there nowadays, too. Other than that I’m a big fan of Attika the 3rd floor of La Favela, Carlos (IAAM) has been curating some good music and more of the uprising minimal/underground electronic scene.

What do you do in your spare time?
I have been practicing a lot of classical music, piano and guitar, so if not practicing music instruments or producing music for clubs, or films, I am either working on my other businesses, surfing, or training in some form of athletic activity (right now it is running). I am usually busy working on Dunia, our production house and record label which takes up most of my time, whether it be running events, curating and making music, or other forms of multimedia. Also, since last year, our team has started touring more doing shows and events, so traveling has been taking up a lot of my time, too.

Any other interests?
I would love to develop more of an Audio-Visual experience for people. Something that can really intertwine other art forms with the dance floor experience. Easier said than done, but right now that’s one of our biggest focuses. Other than that, film production, and education are two other big pursuits of mine.

Where are you a resident, or regular DJ?
Mainly in Uluwatu:
– Every two Fridays I have a Lola’s Uluwatu party that we throw this really fun open air event that has great house music that ranges from deep tech to old school house to Tulum/Playa-style house.
– We now have this monthly event at Ulu Cliffhouse with Dunia called ‘Chrome” either on the ocean deck or upstairs depending on weather, and that focuses mainly on minimal house. (First one was last Friday. ED)
– A new one that started in December is La Playa right by Single Fin, either Sundays or Wednesdays and that’s one of my favorite places to play – the team and crowd there is just awesome and I love the style of music that is developing over there.
– Also, every Friday for sunsets at Mana Uluwatu, which is the main F&B venue for the Uluwatu Surf Villas, I DJ there from 5-9pm, also one of my favourite places to play just a nice warm funky groovy fun way to start the weekend.
– Other than that, in Uluwatu occasionally at Tabu Bali, Camden Uluwatu, and some other one-off events whether it be at venues or villa parties.
Outside of Uluwatu:
Boliche Ubud is where I get to go all out on my deep minimal vinyl sets, I do a 3 hour set with all the crazy music I’ve been digging and collecting over the years. It is always a great place to go, has a great Void sound system setup , including the vinyl turntables. The drinks and food there are also brilliant.
Caravan in Berawa is such a fun beach spot with a nice sunset crowd that I get to play some more Chicago, French and Italo house.

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