Bali in December? No problem.

Bali nightlife never ceases to amaze. Last weekend we had Above and Beyond and Anjunadeep (Savaya), Nina Kraviz (Kudeta. pictured above) and Franky Rizardo (W Bali). This weekend, we have the biggest festival of the year, Burning Beach Festival being held in Nusa Dua, with dozens of DJs including big names Dubfire, Danny Tenaglia, Monkey Safari, Darius Syrossian, Anja Schneider and a load more internationals and locals taking to the decks at Canna Beach Club. There’s a whole bunch of other shows going on around the other venues too like Ulu Cliffhouse – The Jungle Giants, W Bali – Andhim and Coiz, Alesso at Savaya, and there’s Hatch in Uluwatu re-opening this week and holding the Odyssey Festival, with a bunch of cool DJs in attendance on Saturday. You would think it was high season in the middle of August.

But hey, isn’t it the middle of December? The time of year when no one is around and the place is gearing up for the Christmas/New Year invasion. And let’s not talk about the weather – the stifling heat during the day particularly. Well, it would appear all that doesn’t matter. It now seems that all the old rules don’t count, we are now on a whole new, post-covid playing field where anything goes.

As they say fortune favours the brave and hats off to them, the organisers. We the punters are the beneficiaries of all this event organizational, could we say, daring. Yes, we could say it is rather bold. And to finish off this marvelous weekend we have the World Cup Final at 11pm Sunday night. You couldn’t script it any better.

This is the new Bali, folks, where anything goes at any time.

Enjoy it and make sure you get out there and support these events as much as you can.

You may even have a great time doing it.

Check the events sections for further details.


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