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Instagram post 17869497640843169 ✨ BEAT TREATS ✨ Another week, another craving satisfied!
On this week’s Beat treats, we enthusiastically sampled delights from @luscious.bali - which was highly recommended by our mates 🍪😍 Click on our link tree for the full read!
Instagram post 17852702660136384 ❌ bayuratamaaa 

#doomkitchenandbar .
Promo :
• 2 Anggur Merah Orang Tua + 4 Beer only 250K
• Vodka or Whiskey bottle start from 350K
Bar open : 4pm-11pm
Book info :
Doom Kitchen & Bar
Jalan Raya Cangu No. 1, Badung, Bali
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Instagram post 17865976960892443 Bali nightlife will be back soon. Stay tuned to the beat radio bali till then. Link in bio

And Keep a mask on, please 

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Instagram post 18110244094094355 Cedric Herbaut was a great family man, photographer, nightlife personality and greatly loved by many in Bali over the past decade. He will be missed.

He passed away on July 1, 2020 after a long struggle with cancer. 

Rest in peace Cedric.

There is a gofund page set up. Link in our bio. Please give generously for his young family.
Instagram post 17846124143240062 Beervana is teaming up with Little Creatures Brewery, Australia’s leading craft brewer, to offer Indonesia free beer for a national toast to resilience in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. To jumpstart the F&B industry we are providing free beers for those who come out and celebrate with us!⠀
On July 16th we will raise our glasses, 7 PM WIB in more than 20 outlets around Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Bali. Check out the link to see participating establishments and RSVP to the one near you! FREE beers for all!⠀
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Instagram post 18121687384105698 For this week’s Beat Treats we’re stoked to introduce @dimday.donuts ! 🍩 ✨👀 A fresh find for treat seekers created by Indonesian Youngsters Dimas and Anabella. 

Having just launched in May, the team have kindly sent over their fried donut goodies of high demand! Check out our bio link for the flavor breakdown... 🥳
Instagram post 17877513070725181 #Repost @thebeatradiobali
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Bali, Indonesia. Island of Gods

No Rest on Saturdays. Noa, ST and Belvedere going live., repeated Sunday.
Instagram post 17898581131504479 Kudeta

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KUDETA opens tomorrow Friday 
Beyond thrilled to announce that we are back tomorrow with our signature bites, beats, and sundown sessions! Join us from 12 PM - 9 PM daily. 💗
Instagram post 17867725186854839 BEAT TREATS 👅• • 
If you’re missing the nightlife scene, our next Beat Treat will get you pumped for sure! 🙌🏽 Through thick and thin, Bali based @houseofpnny DJ collective never fail to deliver the party to you, especially with their latest project @pnnybites - a series of dolce deliciousness to keep your spirits up! 
They’ve also got multiple promotions throughout the week, including; Thick Thursday’s for a buy two- get one free, 20k Tuesdays, and a pop up at Luigi’s Hot Pizza.

Click on our link tree for more of the hype!
Instagram post 17886919672588079 Tune in, The Beat Radio Bali is back.
Link in the bio
The latest independent, electronic and live music 24/7
We know what you need... #thebeatradio #bali #onlineradio
Instagram post 18146798632058031 Hey Beat foodies! 
We’ve got a brand new “Take Away of The Day”, Chef’s recommendation for you! 🥳✨ If you’re feeling the need to spice up your meals at home, check out “Indian Xpress”, a new delivery concept by @queensbali 🍛 
Queen’s Tandoor has long been a Seminyak go – to for those seeking an authentic Indian cuisine experience. With years of service and a vast menu that dazzles with fragrant recipes and flavors, the team has kindly sent us some of their best selling dishes! Check out our link tree in bio @queensbali
Instagram post 17886227941595833 @saychizu sure makes a dreamy, fluffy #cheesecake! 🍰 ✨☁️ • • • 
If your soul is craving travel and adventure, let Saychizu take you on a journey to the bustling treat stalls of Japan!

The soufflé-style cake was presented in sleek, minimalist packaging. At 18 cm in diameter, there’s certainly enough of this delectable dessert to share with family and friends as you reconnect after quarantine (socially distanced of course!) Tap on our bio link for this week’s edition of Beat Treats...🤤
Instagram post 17946192247355645 It's on now, tune in by going to balianband YouTube account

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Live streaming album launch 7 pm tonight (Bali time). Follow the link 🤘🍻

@eandrews79 @gembull_rai @madeedy_k @erickest @antidasoundgarden
Instagram post 17887661227562728 Looking for some guilt free goodness? Check out @mindfulmunchiesbali on this week’s Beat Treats! Link in bio 🌱✨🧁
Instagram post 17865744499846543 After returning from hospital due to dengue fever, Daniel start consuming additional protein to gain his fitness back. We would never do this additional care without the support of you all.  THANK YOU So much for your continued support for us during this difficult time!

Please give generously 
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Instagram post 18120857104101621 Shooters Bali

Shooters and @projectnasi present a fun filled evening with the screening of the most misunderstood Hollywood surf movie of all time “IN GOD’S HANDS”

Get ready for the raucous and fun filled evening on Thursday, June 4th at 6pm. 
50k entrance and all proceeds to Project Nasi ✨

#charity #projectnasi #shooters #ingodshands
Instagram post 18027309274300513 What's in store for you over the next couple of weeks? Check the beat zodiac with Manish Kumar Arora on the beat website. Link in bio.

#bali #balinightlife #zodiac #thebeatzodiac #horoscope #manishkumararora
Instagram post 17853887270011835 TONIGHT ON YOUTUBE 
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Video clip terbaru akan upload di YouTube hari Jumat 29 Mei 🍻🔥☻🚀 @erickest @est_movie
Instagram post 17844751211183686 Queen's Tandoor

WE ARE OPEN!!!🙌 Head to our website or Instagram highlights to see the new great value menu
We advise you to order direct to ensure best price and free delivery to Seminyak area through:
WA (+62816942942) 
or Call Direct (+62361732770) 
or online where you can also see the menu
Also available to order via GO-JEK & GRAB

The Indian Express is a new concept by Queen’s Bali bringing you quality and value in equal measure! 👑🥘👑 Established in 1986 we are Bali and Indonesias longest serving Indian Restaurant, delivering all your favourite Indian dishes directly to your door at UNBEATABLE prices! 🇮🇳😍🇮🇩 #theindianqueenisback✨
Instagram post 17873612329724884 It must be time to get your teeth checked, cleaned or do that service you have been putting off for some time.


ARC Dental Clinic Bali

Yes what you have heard is true! 30% off on all dental treatments, create your perfect smile with us 💙
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Instagram post 18118288942118766 Not just any old Tuesday night in November in Bali... Were you there?  Glitterbox Ku De Ta 
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That was a special Tuesday night in November. You could say a party that stopped the nation.

Instagram post 17889568219539959 Hey Beat foodies!
We’re bouncing back from our mini hiatus and stoked to announce The Beat’s quarantine spin off of Chef’s Recommendation; “Take Away of the Day”

We’ll be reviewing delivery specials, starting with our mates at Brazilian Aussie BBQ!

Brazilian Aussie BBQ are bringing the party to your doorstep with three, pre-grilled, ready to eat BBQ package specials on offer.

From their delectable variety of “fresh off the grill” barbecued meats to their well-prepared sides such as their potato salad, Stephen and his team have you covered for all your quarantine cravings. We were kindly sent “Take Away Package 2”, priced at Rp. 170k which includes 5 meats, 2 sides and 2 salads. On our plate we sampled the Australian rump cap, beef hump, char sui chicken, ham and chorizo sausage – alongside roast potatoes, corn, garlic bread, grilled pineapple, a garden and potato salad. As for condiments, we doused into delightful, tangy poppy seed vinaigrette and a lamb stock based gravy. Sourcing high quality Australian imported meats, Brazilian Aussie BBQ make their sausages in-house, while also curing their own ham. The beef hump is marinated and slow cooked on for 4 hours, creating a soft and tender pull apart. 
All in all, Brazilian Aussie BBQ is a smashing quarantine deal, sure to satisfy without breaking the bank.

Check out their take away packages via @brazilianaussiebbqatseminyak
Instagram post 17928313645376839 Fashion shows were all the rage. This was at QBar, Dhyana Pura, designer Rico Anartha with Ivan and entourage. Circa 2000. 
#20years #anniversary #thebeatbali #bali #balinightlife
Instagram post 17848126919105664 Guess where.? Bali nightlife 2019

#thebeatmagazine #bali #balinightlife #thebeatbali #seminyak
Instagram post 17893998232502835 Here's a wild moment from last summer's @sneakysoundsystem residency at @mrssippybali. One of the island's best summer regular events every Saturday from July thru till September by the pool with one of Australia's greatest dance music acts. Wait for the mayhem at the end! 
Lers hope they can make it back for another round this summer!

#Repost @thebeat.bali 28 July 2019 • • • • • •
Mrs Sippy Bali

Killing it and the things that go on behind the decks. Sneaky sneaky @sneakysoundsystem  #sneakysaturdays @mrssippybali #mrssippybali

#bali #balinightlife #thebeatbali
Instagram post 17859912250895897 The Beat’s @thearosa has been busy checking where you can spend you charity dollars and make a real difference around Bali. Let’s check now what she’s found.

Link in the bio.

#bali #balicharity #covid_19
Instagram post 17872624879672971 Jodie O'Shea House needs your help. Please give generously.

#Repost @caring_for_kids_bali
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Jodie O'Shea House

Jacky, Yosua and other kids are enjoying yummy new baked raisin pie from Classic Fine Food . Thank you so much for giving us food supplies during this difficult time!❤
Instagram post 17871970582677626 It must be wine o'clock!

#Repost @vinplusbali
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VIN+ Seminyak Bali

Stock up your wine by ordering online. From 9am to 9pm daily, we deliver only the best wines to your front door to keep you company during quarantine.
Contact us now!
Call us +62-361-473-2377 or Whatsapp +62-896-7027-4746 or find us in GOFOOD.

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Instagram post 18138786097028967 A glimmer of hope is all we need.

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Remembering the good times. ⠀

This year our April anniversary celebrations have been muted as we face the unprecedented global crisis, so lets take a moment to appreciate the good times we’ve had together, two sun soaked years of fun filled days and nights on the stunning cliffs of Uluwatu. We’re sending our thanks to each and every one of you who has joined us on our epic journey. ⠀

For now we urge you all to stay home, stay safe and stay strong so that in time we can once more come together again and celebrate at our clifftop paradise.
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Who misses the art-pop geniuses, the awesome threesome, MANJA? Catch 'em livestreaming on Instagram: Sunday, 19 April 2020, 4pm Bali time!

Reposted from @wearemanja 
Quarantine & Chill! 
Catch us 𝙇𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜  here on @wearemanja Instagram Sunday 19th April 4:00pm Bali time (GMT +8)! Playing your favourite tunes and perhaps some Q&A? 🤘🏽
.from @rudolfdethu
👔 @janedoe_store
📸@glennkolin - #regrann