Vi Ai Pi

Tiara Dewi

Mark the calendar for Saturday, July 20 as DJ Tiara Dewi will be displaying her skills at Vi Ai Pi! The Urban Party is always

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Anggi Tasari

The Urban Party kicks off with DJ Anggi Tasari on Saturday, July 27! Make sure you put your dancing shoes on because there’s a good

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Beby Keysha

The lovely appearance by Beby Kesha is scheduled for Friday, July 12 at Vi Ai Pi! She gets on at around 12pm! [S] Genre: Electro,

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Urban Party

Vi Ai Pi is back with another installation of the Urban Party this Saturday, May 11. This time, DJs Zietha, Veelov, and Kiara will be

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Oshien Zuky

Oshien Zuky will be taking the stage at Vi Ai Pi on Thursday, May 9. The Japanese-Indonesian DJ/Model is noted for her ability to sing

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