Aly & Fila

Aly & Fila are two of the most re-known Egyptian DJs and producers on this planet! They have toured from country to country showing their highly invigorating style of trance at some of the [...]

Tiger Stripes

Swedish Tiger Stripes is a well-known producer and DJ that gained worldwide popularity around the mid 2000s. To this day, Mikael Nordgren is still touring the world and showing each venue and [...]

Serangan Beach

Located on the east coast of the island JUST SOUTH OF Sanur, Serangan is a totally underrated beach to spend the day chilling at. Pics: BR. Text: Rusty S. Location Nestled right in between Benoa [...]


Guy J has proved himself to be one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers/DJs of our time. Whether it be his sensual, hypnotic take on house music, his deeply textured techno or his [...]

Magic or Mystic

David Trauts stops by to flip the cards with Shasya Veruska This pint sized gal above, with a big heart and a keen mystic fashion sense, could possibly set you on the right course for your [...]

Camilo Franco

Camilo Franco is one of the greatest representatives of Balearic tech house and possibly an artist with most international reach from the island in recent years. Well known for his summer seasons [...]