La Favela Collection

Available in La Favela right now!

La Favela has been one of the most popular dining and nightlife venues in Seminyak for years and it is only natural that with all that style and retro cool they display throughout their establishment they should now come out with a stunning fashion collection. A fashion collection that not only oozes grace and style, but also helps local artisans find their own way forward too.

“We are proud to announce that the collection is ready to be in the hands of La Familia. After standing for almost seven years, we believe releasing a well-designed collection of t-shirts, accessories and bags is the kind of move to elevate our patrons’ experience,” the La Favela design team told The Beat recently. “La Favela is more than just a venue, but also a character out of a story, it is immersed into a different experience for different people. Fluid yet committed, it is breath-taking, yet relatable.” And that, we can imagine is exactly what the collection is all about.
With the idea of turning corners of the La Favela style into bags and accessories, the journey of creating all the items began. The La Favela team decided to only work with local vendors to sustain an ethical production.

“Searching all over the island for experts, each item was gifted with a touch of professionalism. Working closely with all the local artisans everybody understood that Bali is overflowing with potential, and consequently, it was decided that the team would share all their techniques that are not commonly used in Indonesia with the suppliers,” the La Favela design team also told The Beat.

The result from the exchange of opportunities & knowledge with the local talents and their dedication to the project, made this collection even bigger and better than what was first perceived.

With this, the La Favela collection has arrived. The collection is now available in a boutique space at La Favela open from 5pm to 11pm every night.


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