The Vie Spa

They have a good selection of treatments to get your body ready for your entire holiday!
Located on a strategic location near Kuta’s hotels and villas, The Vie Spa is a great place for those who are looking for a bit of pampering during their Bali holidays. The spa offers five couple rooms with bath tubs and showers, as well as a dedicated area which is equipped with four reflexology chairs. Bringing indoors Bali’s nature, the interior is dominated with green, complete with a traditional touches from the hand-carved furniture.
What we enjoyed on our visit to this spa was their “Balinese Massage” (375k), a full-body, deep-tissue and holistic treatment, which is based on local massage tradition. Prepping us for the massage, the treatment began with a ritual foot bath. Laid on the massage bed, our therapist then started the massage, using the scented oil which had been chosen prior to the treatment. The massage itself used a variety of techniques, including short and firm strokes, added with the thumbs on pressure points which worked along the meridian. Our therapist also applied quite deep pressure during the massage in order to work on the muscle knots. However, the pressure was easily customizable as it could be tailored to our wishes. The treatment was done after 60 minutes, helping us to feel calm and boosted.
The Vie Spa offers two essential oils for this treatment which are the Coconut Oil and Lavender Oil. The first option is great to soothe and relax tight muscles in your body, whereas the latter is used to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.
With their natural products and professionally-trained therapists, your satisfaction here is guaranteed. Their menu is thoughtfully-curated, consisting of various treatments to make your body, mind and soul feel totally relax and fresh. That’s not to mention their strategic location which is accessible from almost everywhere; meaning that you will have less trouble to find this spa.
The Vie Spa
Jl. Nakula 168X, Kuta
T. 847 5689/847 5690

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