The Spa

This simple spa really knows how to pamper you well.
​Tucked down a nook at The ONE Legian, The Spa is indeed designed for savvy travellers looking for some serious pampering. This spa makes smart use of its space, housing five treatment rooms that include three couple rooms and two single rooms. These treatment rooms are very well-organized, illuminated with soft glow of light that brings a calming ambience.
We endulged in the “Chocolate Delight” (350k) which lasted 150 minutes. As the name implies, this treatment boasts a chocolate sensation through the uses of its chocolatey scrub, mask and lotion, with a very sweet aroma that helps lift the mood. The treatment began with a soothing massage. As requested, the massage came with a very firm yet gentle pressures which had us totally relaxed. Combining acupressure, kneading and stroking, this massage was a therapeutic one, and it really helped release the tension out of our body. After the massage, the treatment continued with the chocolate scrub, which was followed by the chocolate body mask which gave our skin its glow. While waiting for the body mask to absorb, we received a refining facial, using seaweed-based products which are believed to help prolong our skin’s elasticity. After 150-minutes, our treatment ended with a nice shower, as well as a calming flower bath which was accompanied by chocolate cookies for us to enjoy. For the last touch, chocolate hand and body lotion was given to us, which perfectly brought our sweet journey to a close.

​There are three kinds of massage oil being offered for this treatment. The selection includes The Spa Oil which is made from peppermint, the citrusy Inspiration Oil from bergamot, ylang-ylang and lavender, and the romantic-scented Jasmine Oil. For the rest of the treatment, The Spa uses chocolate-based products that reflect the treatment itself.
​There is so much charm hidden behind its simplicity. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed warmly by their staff who are there to assist you throughout your pampering journey. Next, you will be given a consultation sheet as a way to let them know the conditions of your body, how you want to be treated and what products you prefer to use. Glasses of lemongrass tea will also be served before and after your treatment, helping you soothe your mind. Add these with the attentive services by their certified therapists, what you will have a truly exceptional spa experience.
Legian, Jl. Legian No. 117, Badung
T. 3001 101


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