The Spa at The Trans Resort Bali

Where they offer holistic treatments, inspired by Balinese philosophies.

Located in a cozy nook among the lush gardens, The Spa at The Trans Resort Bali is truly a sanctuary. It has eight treatment rooms, including six single rooms and two couple’s rooms, and each comes with private shower, luxury robe and adjustable massage bed. Elegant and spacious, the spa’s interior is beautified with vintage décor, featuring an antique carved wooden door, wooden furnishings and traditional clothes that add a strong traditional ambience into the mix.
Our experience at The Spa was great, as we had their 60-minute “Balinese Massage” (660k) which was so relaxing yet therapeutic. Developed in Bali yet drawing its roots from traditional Chinese massage and Indian Ayurveda philosophy, this treatment works deeply to soothe damaged tissues, as well as to relieve strained muscles and joint pains. Our treatment began with a ritual foot bath where our feet were cleansed in warm water which had been added with sea salt crystal. Sea salt scrub was also applied to exfoliate our skin, ending with a gentle massage on our legs. The body massage was then done afterward, using a combination of long gliding, firm kneading and skin rolling, applied gently along the pressure points to warm and relax the tissues. These movements were also able to boost our blood circulation, thus helping rebalance our entire wellness system. This treatment was also very personalized, so we got our needs covered by our therapist as she really worked harder on areas we would like to focus on – just as we had requested prior to the treatment. After 60 minutes, what we had was a really refreshed body and mind, getting us ready to face the rest of the day.
This treatment uses Sweet Orange essential oil which also has almond oil added. This aromatic oil provides a relaxing effect for your body and mind, and is also great for skin health as it helps bring back its glow.
The Spa is a welcoming sanctuary for those who wish to revitalize their mind, body and spirit, offering bespoke treatments which are inspired by Balinese philosophies. Their extensive menu includes a selection of body massages, couple treatments, body treatments, and hand and foot treatments, all designed to provide an entirely new, holistic experience for their guests. In addition to these offers, their treatments are also very personalized to meet guests’ needs. Prior to their treatments, guests are asked to complete their consultation sheets, so that the therapists will know what they want, as well as their body conditions.
The Spa
The Trans Resort Bali, Jl. Sunset Road, Kerobokan, Kuta
T. 898 1234


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