The Spa at The ONE Legian

A Peaceful Sanctuary on the Side of Busy Legian Street
Nestled in a small space inside the nook of The ONE Legian Hotel, The Spa, is indeed designed for leisure travelers seeking some serious pampering experience with its extensive treatment choices. Entering The Spa room, we are greeted with a friendly smile of the staff and a dimmed orange glow from the light that helps bring peace to our pampering journey. The Spa makes smart use of its not so large space with its well-organized display of products in their front room as well as three compact treatment chambers inside. While we select the treatment options, a glass of ginger tea was offered to warm up our body.

The Spa provides each treatment with traditional Balinese techniques mixed with some modern touches including one of their signature treatments that we tried called “Inside Out” (300K nett). This treatment covers a head-to-toe beauty and relaxation needs with its combination of a 60 minute traditional massage, 30 minute body scrub, and a 30 minute facial. Not to forget the addition of free light bites of our choice that are provided right after the treatment. Done with our consultation sheet, we step into the treatment room and layed down upward in the most comfortable position on the bed. Our therapist then started to apply very smooth yet gentle movement continued with some sliding technique with a Jasmine essential oil. The series of movements gave a relief for stress, anxiety and muscle pain. Done with the legs, back and arm massage, the therapist then shifted the treatment into a body scrubbing session. Using high quality ingredients, the scrub gives thorough care for our skin by making it moist and glow. Last but not least is a facial treatment which is done after we shower and clean the scrub residue. Cleanser, toner, oil, face masks, and other face skincare were delivered step by step to our face to make our skin clearer and brighter. Finish with all the series of treatments, with our brand new body and face, we were then led by the staff to The DECK restaurant for the light bite that we chose. A sandwich and french fries were more than enough to complete this joyful journey.

For the Inside Out treatment, there are three choices of essential oil and scrub. For the essential oil we can choose among “The Spa Oil” made of peppermint, “Inspiration Oil” made of ylang ylang, lavender, and bergamot and “Jasmine Oil” made of Jasmine extract. As for the scrub, they provide Coconut scrub which is good for dry skin, Lulur for normal skin, and Green Tea scrub for oily skin. Last, for facial treatments they use a variant of products which contain Aloe Vera and Seaweed. All products are made with natural and carefully sorted ingredients to give an actual healing result.
The magic would have to be the head to toe coverage, as well as the various ingredients including essential oils, sea salt scrub and milk bath that are used in the treatments.
The Spa
The ONE Legian, Jl. Legian No. 117, Badung
T. 300 1101


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