The Spa at The Amala

Seminyak is known as the home of some of the best spas in Bali. Whether it’s stand-alone or part of a property, these spas are meant to treat every spa lover like a royal as long they wish. One of those rejuvenation destinations is The Spa at The Amala. Situated within the lush gardens of the property, this spa is such a perfect getaway. Housing three lavish couple rooms, it’s decorated with natural furnishings and local-inspired designs, with the green-dominated interior that makes it feel so natural.
The Spa at The Amala offers a wide range of treatments including one of their signature treatments we tried called “Jade Stone Body Massage” (860k). Combining the healing powers of jade stone and herbal moxa, this treatment utilized a series of century-old Chinese techniques to stimulate circulation and helps release toxins from body, paired with aromatic essential oils that help us relax. Done with our consultation sheet, the treatment began with a foot bath while we also enjoyed a glass of juice made of lime, cucumber, mint and honey, getting us prepared totally for the massage. After a purification ritual of a Tibetan singing bowl, done to clear away negative vibrations, our therapist then started to apply very smooth yet gentle hand movements, continued with the polished jade stones which were pressed gently against our body. This providing relief for stress, anxiety and muscle pain. As they had been smoked with herbal moxa, these stones were also able to help reboot our body, giving us the energy we needed. After 60 minutes, our session ended with a Tibetan prayer bell, followed by a cup of warm ginger tea and a healthy snack that gave us an uplifting sense of relaxation.

The spa has sourced organic products and natural-blended recipes for their treatments including the essential oils used for this massage. There are three options which can be chosen by guests such as Energizing Oil which mixes citrus, clove and ginger, Relaxing Oil which contains ylang-ylang, and Sandalwood Oil which is great to soothe mind and body.
It is ‘East meets West’ at this spa. Focusing on Asian recipes and Western holistic philosophies, they aim for your satisfaction by providing you with very personalized programs and treatments. Your session is also supported by the soothing ambience of its surroundings, plus the therapists who are very well-versed in what they do to provide a one-of-a-kind spa experience. Last, but not least, their complete wellness packages offer what is a great health-through-harmony solution for your health, fitness and well-being.
The Spa at The Amala
The Amala, Jl. Jl. Kunti I, Seminyak
T. 738 866

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