The Spa at Segara

A traditionally-inspired spa destination to consider in Sanur area.
Nestled in the lush gardens of the Segara Village Sanur, The Spa at Segara is a small and cozy hideaway that offers rejuvenating experiences. The simple spa is fenced with huge glass windows that let the natural light in, with its locally inspired interior showcasing shades of green that add a sense of serenity. This spa has two single rooms and a couple’s room, plus three treatment chairs which are used for foot reflexology, manicures and pedicures.

Having revamped their menu recently, the spa now has more offers to choose from. From their Massage Experience section, we tried their 60-minute Balinese Massage (300k) which was a nice take on the traditional. Our treatment kicked off with the mandatory foot ritual that relaxed and cleansed our feet with a warm water and salt scrub, getting us ready for the massage. In line with traditional techniques, the massage started from the back of our body, starting from the foot, legs, back and to our hands. The massage used a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and reflexology, combined with the aromatherapy that helped stimulate the flow of blood in our body. The same movements were then applied on the front parts of our body, ending with a massage on our head and scalp that let us feel totally refreshed. Our spa experience continued with the second treatment which was the Green Tea Mask (250k) from their Body Mask Sensation section. As well as having a delightful aroma, the mask also worked wonders for our body as its anti-oxidants helped detoxify our skin. After 20 minutes of application, we were allowed to shower. Our session ended with a relaxing time with a cup of warm ginger tea and biscuits before heading home.
For the massage, the spa offers three kinds of aromatherapy; frangipani, coconut and green tea. Each provides a pleasant aroma to help the mind relax during the treatment.

The Spa at Segara will welcome you open-handedly to experience the tropical pleasure of Balinese treasures, especially if you are in and around the Sanur area. What to love from this spa is its pleasant ambience, combining the friendly, smiling staff, nice views, cool sea breezes and soothing tunes that accompany you throughout your spa experience. Last but not least, their newly-revamped menu that has something for every one of your needs; and there’s enough there to keep bringing you back for more.
The Spa at Segara
Segara Village Hotel, Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur
T. 288 407


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