The Spa

Despite its simplicity, this spa is a real hidden gem in Legian
An integral part of The ONE Legian, The Spa is designed for savvy travelers who are in need of some serious pampering. Set in a quiet nook of the hotel, this spa makes smart use of its space, housing three couple rooms and two single rooms. The spa is clean, comfortable and well-organized, and features dimmed lighting that helps to bring serenity to your spa experience.
Among their interesting packages, we were tempted enough to try “The Art of Surrender” (300k), a signature package which was meant to let us surrender completely to a blissful relaxation. The treatment began with a Balinese massage, using warm coconut oil which was very comforting, incorporated with stretching and acupressure along the meridian. Carried out deeply, yet gently, through the deft hands of our therapist, the massage was able to put us in a deeply relaxed state as it soothed our knotted muscles, while stimulating the blood circulation. After 60 minutes, the treatment then continued with a body scrub. What we loved from this part was that it used a specially-formulated scrub, feeling soft and smooth as it touched our skin. Our treatment ended with a 30-minute mini facial, using selected products which are made from the essentials of seaweed to hydrate our face. After two hours, the result was not only an invigorated body and mind, but also a glowing face which got us ready to face the rest of the day.
The treatment uses coconut oil which brings some benefits for your skin, including protecting it from drying and cracking, as well as keeping it rejuvenated, young and healthy. Meanwhile, the scrubbing utilizes pure coconut scrub which is not only good to boost circulation and relax the body, but also great to treat sunburn and hydrate skin, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.
There are so many charms hidden behind the simplicity The Spa. Once stepping into this small yet cozy spa, you will be welcomed warmly by the staff, creating a nice start to your pampering experience. Prior to the treatment, your experience will always begin with a consultation session with your therapist to let them know about the condition of your body, how you want to be treated and what products you prefer, targeting your immediate needs. Complete it with their treatments and packages, we would say that this spa is one of the best you could find in Legian.
The Spa
The ONE Legian,
Jl. Legian No. 117, Badung
T. 300 1101


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