Spa Uluwatu

A supremely elegant spa experience in Jimbaran
Nestled on the coast of Jimbaran, the Spa Uluwatu is located inside the tropical oasis that is the Intercontinental Bali Resort with its wonderful Balinese décor and soul-soothing gardens and ponds. Step into the spa and you will find another heavenly respite. Super hospitable staff will lead you past a the jacuzzi room then into an elegant, classically-designed relaxation area with marble statues and a water fountain in the middle. They will bring you ginger tea to warm up the body prior to the massage as well as a list of questions regarding your preference and physical conditions for a customized spa experience.

We tried the Resort’s famous Intercontinental Signature Massage (IDR900k) for 90 minutes, that starts with a 10-minute foot bath with sea salt scrubs and cleansed with an aromatic water infused with frangipani flowers, lemongrass, pandan leaves, and ginger. Then it’s off to a serene, dimly-lit room with soothing music in the background to experience the signature massage, starting with palm pressures across the back before moving on to firm, kneading and sweeping movements along with light tapping and acupressure throughout the body that relaxes the nerves and calms the mind. The dry face massage is also a delight with skillful upward movements and focused pressures on the chin, cheeks, and forehead.
Three choices of premium aromatherapy are provided: the lemon-scented ‘relaxing’, the lovely floral fragrance of ‘balance’, and the exotic spice-infused ‘energy’. We choose the citrusy aromatherapy oil for the aroma and because the benefits can be both relaxing and reinvigorating to the senses.

Spa Uluwatu’s Intercontinental Signature Massage is a fusion of various massage techniques from around the globe, complemented with a touch of Balinese traditional massage. All the senses were certainly engaged and refreshed as the combination of the sheer elegance of the spa’s interior and the masterful massaging technique of our therapist created a thoroughly satisfying experience. Then you walk out onto the Resort’s complex and it’s simply the icing on the cake…
Spa Uluwatu
Intercontinental Bali Resort, Jalan Uluwatu 45, Jimbaran
T. 701 888

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