Smita Spa

Located on the rooftop, precisely next to the ARTOTEL Sanur’s rooftop bar and swimming pool, Smita Spa is the ideal place for a bit of rest and relaxation. The bar space is utilized as the lounging area, allowing guests to enjoy their welcome drinks and sea breezes while waiting for their rooms to get prepared. The treatment rooms stand on another side of the rooftop, small but comfy, complete with wooden furniture, deconstructed walls, cement floors and dimmed lighting that enhances its soothing ambience.
Looking through their menu, we could see that this spa uniquely infuses traditional and natural elements into their treatments, combined with their exotic herb-based products for an authentic Balinese pampering. We got our hands on one of their offers which is “Fruity Stone Senses Body Massage” (405k), a fusion treatment where we got engulfed in fruity scent as our tension was melted away by the hot stones. After a soothing foot wash, we were layed on the massage table, and the stretching was carried out gently by our therapist to get our body ready for what’s next. The aromatic Balinese massage was done first, with a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and reflexology, bringing a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Done with the massage, the hot stone massage was applied afterward, using smooth, heated basalts as the extension of our therapist’s hands. While holding the heated stones, the hands moved smoothly on our body to help warm up the tight muscles. As the movements ended, these stones were then left on the specific points to improve the flow of energy in our body. After two hours, our treatment was finished with a nice shower, followed by a cup of warm ginger tea that helped us feel totally reenergized.
As it name implies, this treatment uses coconut oil which has been infused with fruits for their distinguished aromas. The fruity-scented options are Strawberry Oil, Mango Oil and Chocolate Oil which can be chosen to suit each guest’s fancy.
Whenever you feel like taking your mind off any pressure or simply making your holiday more fulfilling in Sanur, Smita Spa can help. Besides their awesome rooftop location and the artsy interiors, we also loved how they combine modern, traditional and natural elements in their treatments. That’s not to mention their enticing promos, including the Happy Hour where you can enjoy up to 50% off all of their treatments.
Smita Spa
ARTOTEL Sanur, Jl. Kusuma Sari No. 1, Sanur
T. 472 1000


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