Smita Spa

On the rooftop of ARTOTEL Sanur, next to the bar and swimming pool, Smita Spa’s location is an ideal spot to get our mind and body loosened up even before we step inside the spa proper. The bar’s space which is also utilized as a lounge is where guests wait for their room to be ready while enjoying an icy ginger lemongrass water welcome drink. After that, the staff will lead us to step inside a small treatment room with wooden furniture displaying their signature products and dimmed light accompanied by soothing melodies to enhance its relaxing ambiance.

The treatments listed on their menu offer a fusion of traditional and natural elements joined by exotic herb-based products. We chose to try their 60 minute “Balinese Body Massage” (IDR 315K) which includes an extensive massage from toe to the back of the body using their authentic selection of massage oils. As a starter for the calming spa experience, the therapist carefully bathed our feet with sea salt peppermint water and flower petals. Then, after making sure that we are in our most comfortable position while facing downwards on the massage bed, the therapist starts their descent with light pressure on the legs, heading toward the back then slowly accelerated into a more complex technique with a combination of sliding movements. While facing upward, we are pampered by a soothing and pain relieving set of massages on our shoulder and head. After the body massage is over, for a final touch, the therapists lead us to sit on the bed for a pounded massage technique to our shoulders. To finish it all off, a cup of warm ginger tea is offered to help us feel reenergized.

There are three choices of oil provided for the Balinese massage treatment which are based on the combination of olive oil and coconut oil. There are ‘energizing’, ‘healing’ and ‘refreshing’ oils with each oil offering a benefit implied in its name. The ‘Energizing’ oil has lemongrass in its ingredients while the ‘Healing’ oil contains clove and nutmeg, where as the ‘Refreshing oil’ contains a dash of peppermint in it.

Aside from their relaxing treatments which combine modern, natural and traditional elements, another highlight is their wonderful rooftop location and colorful artworks on display. In addition, if you go during the Happy Hour between 9am-2pm, you can enjoy 50% off of all of treatments till further notice! And if you go after 2pm, you can still get 30% off the price with an advanced booking.
This spa helps to make a tip to Sanur even more satisfying. Try it today.
Smita Spa
ARTOTEL Sanur, Jl. Kusuma Sari No. 1, Sanur
T. 472 1000


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  1. The massage was just a luxury event for body and soul. Good atmosphere, nice oil and a perfect massage from Komit. I loved it.

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