First inaugurated back in 2013, the space came to be thanks to the aspirations of four creative, restless souls who sought to share their knowledge of yoga and healing with the community. Sharing the same vision of serving the people, they created a center for wellness and self-empowerment. Located in between the ocean and the rice fields, you’ll find that Samadi offers a wide range of activities and workshops for your holistic lifestyle.
Their yoga classes are held every day and have a duration of 75 or 90 minutes. If you are new to yoga, you might want to try the Yin, Ashtanga level 1 or the FlyHigh which is done with the help of a hammock. If you’re looking for something slow to help you stretch out those tight muscles, Gentle Hatha, Yin or Hatha Tantra would be for you. If what you’re looking for is something stronger that will get you sweating then Mysore, Ashtanga or Vinyasa would be the perfect choice.
Samadi holds Ecstatic Awakening Dances on two Wednesdays each month and they also celebrate Full Moon and New Moon with Kirtan and Gong Meditation respectively. They provide meditation workshops as well as Life Coaching held every Friday at 2PM. After your yoga class, make your way to their vegetarian cafe where you will find the delicious farm-grown fusions of Ayurvedic and gourmet cuisine free of preservatives and nasty chemicals! Food for the body and the soul.
After enjoying your homemade Kombucha or fresh young coconut, head over to their shop and browse through artisanal fair trade products such as their own ‘Samadi Wear’ that are sustainable for our environment. Don’t forget to check out their Sunday Market for artesian groceries, organic fruits & veggies and be on the lookout for their Wednesday Community Yoga at 5.30PM which is free of charge and welcomes yogis of all levels!
Drop in class: Rp.130,000
6 Class Pass: Rp.650,000
12 Class Pass: Rp.1,200,000
Unlimited Pass: Rp.2,000,000 valid for 30 days
Indonesian & Kitas: Rp.80,000
Jalan Padang Linjong 39, Canggu

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