Sailla Spa

A body pampering session perfect after a busy day in Kuta
Situated amongst the homey accommodation of the Grand Istana Rama Hotel, The Sailla Spa greets you with that signature Balinese hospitality and vibe, complemented with a wonderful frangipani smell in the air. The décor is unassuming but cozy, offering three grand couple rooms perfect to try with your significant other. Refresh yourself with a complimentary glass of fresh orange juice, and you’re all set for the massage!
We tried the Pampering Sailla Package (IDR600k), and it’ll be a glorious 150 minutes of your time. The therapist will start with a foot bath then on to the bed for a bit of dry massage to warm up the body, including light stretching and kneading. A relaxing Balinese massage with aromatherapy oils takes up the first 60 minutes, followed by a facial using rose oil-based ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate. After a brief break to let the face mask work its wonders, then it is the body’s turn to get exfoliated with a cool-to-the-touch body scrub. The treatment, unfortunately, has to end but the final bubble and milk bath was a nice ending to the body-pampering session.
Sometimes a massage is as good as the aromatherapy oils it uses, and the Sailla Spa has them in spades. For the massage, you may pick between the green tea, chocolate or strawberry-scented oils—and all are great choices! Plus they also have the same options for their scented body scrubs, with the one addition of the coconut scrub. Meanwhile, the rose essential oil-based mixtures used for the facial his known for its antimicrobial and antiaging properties.
It is, simply put, a rejuvenating head-to-toe treatment. It’s totally relaxing and energizing at the same time thanks to the deft skill of the therapist, and the skin nourishing treatments in this pampering session leave you with soft and radiant skin.
Sailla Spa
Grand Istana Rama Hotel,
Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta
T. 752208


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