Reborn Reflexology & Healthcare

Offering good treatments and good deals to get you totally reborn.
Having been around for a decade, Reborn Reflexology & Healthcare has been known as one the highest rated health and wellbeing destinations in town. Entering this spa, it has a very earthy feel to it, dominated by shades of brown and green, complete with wooden furniture and water features that create a natural harmony. Its three-story building houses 40 beds for full body massages and 20 reclining sofas for foot reflexology, as well as the newly-revamped Juice Corner to provide guests with fresh juices after their treatments.
One of the most recommended treatments they have in the menu their signature “Tui Na Therapeutic Massage”, so we decided to give it a shot. Taking advantage of their Happy Hour, we also combined it with their additional treatment, which was the “Body Scrub” (203,850 for both). Just like other treatments, our session started off with a ritual foot bath to get us ready for the massage. We were then led to our bed, and here was where our revitalizing journey truly began. Combining Chinese and Balinese techniques, this massage was not only meant to relax and refresh, but also to heal the sore muscles and joints. Aiming so, it was no wonder if the massage was so much more detailed and intense, with firm yet gentle hand movements applied thoughtfully at different acupressure points of the body to facilitate the healing process. Starting from our back, this deep tissue massage was then applied to layers of muscles in our legs and hands, as well as in our head and shoulders. Following our therapeutic massage was a 30-minute body scrub that used a minty scrub to rub away the flaky skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and fresh. After all sessions ended, a shower was then provided for us. As part of our Happy Hour service, we were also served with sugar-free juice to nicely wrap up our whole experience.
They offer four massage oils to choose from, with the fragrances including sandalwood, frangipani, lavender and jasmine. Frangipani and jasmine oils are great for those who love refreshing aromas, whereas the lavender oil is great for relaxing. On the other hand, sandalwood is recommended for those who feel tired. Reborn Reflexology & Healthcare also only uses organic, allergy-free products for treatments, including their cool, frangipani-scented scrub which has a bit of mint essence.
Endless customers are sure signs of their good reputation, and it’s undoubtedly equal to the great services and offers they have. First of all, we loved how attentive their staff are, whereas their therapists are all professionally-trained. Secondly, they have many enticing promos, including their Happy Hour where you can get 40%off their treatments from 10 am to 1.45 pm, as well as their Fantastic Packages where you can get good deals on their two-hour treatments. Last but not least, they are the one and only spa within the proximity that opens until 12 am, so it would be perfect for those in need of proper late night escape.
Reborn Reflexology & Healthcare
Jl. Sunset Simpang Dewa Ruci A.1, Kuta
T. 767 171/766 744


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