Nox Skin Expresso

One-of-a-kind beauty destination that utilize coffee in all of its beauty rituals.
One of the latest additions in Beachwalk Shopping Center, Nox Skin Expresso is a one-of-a-kind beauty destination, claimed as a pioneer in Indonesian beauty industry that uses coffee as a the foundation of their rituals. Dominated with a combination of black and white, as well as the classy Parisian-style furniture, it houses two treatment rooms, one room for hair treatments, and one area for hand and foot treatments. In line with their philosophy of embracing the use of coffee, there is also a mini coffee shop where guests can enjoy coffee and snacks before or after their treatments.
Among a few express treatments on their menu, we were tempted to try the “Nox Hand Jet Treatment” (185k). Though it was only 30 minutes, it was, in fact, a fulfilling treatment for hands as it consisted of everything our hands need, and carried out thoroughly to achieve radiant and glowing hands. After wiping our hands with a wet towel, the treatment began with an aromatic cleansing, getting us ready for what’s next. The treatment continued with a gentle hand massage, with mostly long strokes to relax the muscles. Done with the massage, our therapist then applied soothing oil, an aromatic blend of green tea and coffee, to clean up oil residue, as well as to soothe hands. The jet peeling was done afterwards, with high-pressure oxygen and sterile water sprayed all over hands to exfoliate the skin, thus improving its texture, tone and hydration. After the dead cells were lifted, serum and sunblock were applied, marking the end of this express yet nourishing treatment.

Coffee is one of the natural richest sources of antioxidants in the world. Based on this fact, Nox Skin Expression develops products that use Indonesian coffee beans as their key ingredient. By leveraging and optimizing the benefits of Arabica coffee seed oil, these skin care products are able to enhance the production of collagen and elastin, prevent moisture loss and promote skin hydration. In addition, the coffee beans used for the products are also the best coffee beans in the country.
They say that “drinking coffee in a cup is something special, but pouring it to our skin is another level of experience”, and we would agree with that. Created for those who do not want to let their beauty routine slip, their express treatments are designed to be enjoyed in a short time, and can be done while enjoying a cup of coffee. Combining it with the aromatic pleasure of coffee in each of their products used, these treatments are great for the coffee snobs and spa aficionados who would love to experience something different, especially for those who never seem to have enough hours in the day. In addition, all treatments are also pain-free, perfect for those who want to look radiant in the most relaxing way possible.
Nox Skin Expresso
Beachwalk Shopping Center,
Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta
T. 472 7933


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