Karma Spa

This exotic spa is excellent.
Karma Spa at Karma Kandara is one of the most exotic spas in Bali, sitting on a hill on the southern peninsula that overlooks the ocean as a magnificent backdrop. Its architecture integrates with the surrounding environment, housing chic spa huts which are complete with comfy beds, luxury drapes and majestic sea views below. However, it is the spa’s private open-air platform that creates a centerpiece, with features of an infrared detox sauna and Himalayan crystal salt pool letting the clientele enjoy their spa experience in a complete privacy.
We had their “Lymphatic Drainage Massage” (1,400k) which is a results-driven therapy that stimulates circulation and detoxification, as well as overall wellbeing. It kicked off with a 15-minute infrared detox sauna, making a nice start of our spa experience as we got to enjoy the views while sweating in the heat. Moving to our spa hut, the main treatment then took over. It began with a back and shoulder massage using deep pressure that got us ready for the journey. It continued with the “Lymphatic Drainage Massage” which we found very exceptional. Unlike other massages, it was first aimed at the base of our neck, using light and rhythmic circular movements to open up the lymph nodes. Now that it was opened, the same movements were then applied on lower body parts, following the structure of the lymphatic system. Our therapist applied pressure smoothly to let the accumulated lymph fluid drain through the proper channels. After 90 minutes, what we had was not merely a treatment that lulled us into a deep state of relaxation, but also a healing journey which made for a great way to boost the immune system.
Karma Spa uses Pevonia’s Vitality Aromatherapy Massage Oil for the initial back and shoulders massage. Made from grape seed oil, rosemary and lavender, this oil is great for fighting free radicals, as well as to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Meanwhile, the Lymphatic Drainage Massage itself does not require the use of oil.
Karma Spa offers a well-curated menu which consists of Asian-inspired therapies, accompanied by a team of therapists that has been trained under the guidance of certified experts. Add its stunning setting, magical views of the crystal water, cool sea breezes and sounds of the waves crashing the beach below, it is rest assured that your experience here is worth every buck you spend.
Karma Spa
Karma Kandara, Jl. Villa Kandara, Br. Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan
T. 848 2200


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