Karma Spa

A Sublime Spa Experience with an oceanfront view
Karma’s spa rooms are divided into two locations, one on top of a cliff while the other is right down to the beach, the one where we chose to get our treatment. The magical experience began as the staff led us to get inside a hill tram going down to the beach. During the ride, we felt the whirling wind sweeping our skin while our eyes were greeted with the enchanting blue color of the sea. Karma Spa, with its ocean views, houses one lavish couple’s room decorated with a beach vibe; think seashells, straw hats and an old ship’s wheel. A perfect setup to bring our mind and body into a state of a deep healing and relaxation.

Karma Spa offers a wide range of treatments catering to profound care for health, beauty and mind. We tried two of their signature treatments called “Karma Surrender” (IDR 750K++) for 45 minutes followed by “The Yoga Facial” (IDR 750K++) for another 45 minutes. Surrounded by the sound of gentle lapping waves, the spa began with a footbath session while we sipped on fresh coconut water. While we lay down on our faces, the therapists prepared to deliver the treatment by gently putting some light pressure on our backs and leg areas. Then it slowly moves into firm pressure and a complex massage technique with gliding movements using the therapist’s elbow on our back area for a thorough healing effect. After they finished with our backs, while we are facing upward, the therapist starts the signature ‘wow’ neck and shoulder massage. During this session, we can feel the tension of our upper body is slowly lifted away leaving a loosened sensation. The following session is the facial treatment which is a mind-soothing blend of lymphatic drainage and facial acupressure techniques delivered with pure organic coconut and facial oils. For the final touch, we were offered a cup of lemon infused water to boost our energy. With a renewed energy, we were ready to walk around the beach and enjoy Karma Resort wonderful scenery.

Karma spa sourced organic products and natural blended recipes crafted by Balinese locals. For the “Karma Surrender” and “Yoga Facial” treatment, they are using a Balinese product, Sensatia. Some of the ingredients packaged in Sensatia massage oil are fresh herbal ingredients, fragrant flowers and a refreshing blend of traditional herbs. For the facial treatment, Karma Spa uses some of the best facial products such as toner and pure organic coconut and facial oils.
A beautiful white sand beach location is the ultimate highlight for this sublime one-of-a-kind spa experience. Also, the session is supported by spa therapists who are very well-versed in what they do to provide noticeable therapeutic results for their guest. Last but not least, their complete wellness package ranging from massage therapy, local rituals, detox and cleanse, beauty treatment and even Karma Man, a series of treatments specifically for men, are all provided with a remarkably thoughtful arrangement.

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