Jalanidi Spa

This spa offers a selection of traditional-inspired body and beauty rituals.
On the second floor of Kuta Station Hotel, lies Jalanidi Spa, one of havens of wellness in the midst of Kuta. Featuring a traditional Balinese design, the interior is simple yet efficient, accentuated with local adornments and fenced with huge glass windows. Meanwhile, the therapy rooms are comfortable, featuring low lighting that maintains its calming ambience.
Their menu includes a variety of massage packages and spa rituals, as well as choices of facial and beauty treatments. This time, we tried their “Lulur Paradise” (498k) which is a body and beauty treatment that mixes Javanese and Balinese rituals, consisting of body massage, traditional body scrub and flower bath. Getting us ready for the massage, our treatment began with a comforting foot ritual where our feet were treated with sea salt scrub, ended with cool eucalyptus oil as natural antiseptic. The Balinese massage was done afterward, with our therapist applying firm yet gentle pressure to specific points on the body, releasing the tense and knotted muscles. The massage was then followed with the application of granular aromatic paste, known as the traditional Javanese lulur. Originating centuries ago in the palaces of central Java as a ‘purifying’ ritual, this traditional body scrub was used to slough away the dead skin cells, resulting in smoother, fresher-looking skin. Done with the body scrub, the treatment was finished with a refreshing flower bath, plus a cup of warm ginger. And for those don’t fancy flower bath, no worries as you can always ask your therapist to substitute it with longer Balinese massage.
Jalanidi Spa offers three massage oils such as Awakening Oil (rosemary, basil and lemon) to calm the nervous system while refreshing the senses, Paradise Oil (jasmine, mandarin orange and ylang-ylang) to rejuvenate the mind while balancing the emotions and Bali Spice Oil (clove, ginger, nutmeg, basil and lemongrass) to stimulate body. Meanwhile, the Javanese lulur is made from a blend of rice, herbs and spices, offered in aromatic options like jasmine, coffee, green tea and chocolate.
Hidden behind the simplicity of this spa are their caring staff and therapists, giving full attention to meet the needs of their clientele. Before the treatment, they will require you to fill out the counseling sheet, done to ensure that you will be given the utmost service to meet each of your needs, thus enhancing your whole spa experience.
Jalanidi Spa
Kuta Station Hotel,
Jl. Kartika Plaza 8X, Kuta
T. 758 828


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