Demada Spa

A rejuvenating spa treatment in an authentic Balinese surrounding.
Let’s talk about where this spa is located  first: the wonderfully quaint Hotel Vila Lumbung in which the lodgings are in the form of thatched-roof villas. Demada Spa occupies one of these huts: small yet intimate with only two couples treatment rooms available, plus you can also have treatments in the gazebo by the lagoon-like swimming pool—complete with a mini waterfall—if you prefer to have an indulgent experience outdoors.
Truly a mind and body booster! We tried the rejuvenating Aroma Relax treatment (IDR210k) for 90 minutes, a combination of a traditional Balinese massage and warm aromatherapy oil treatment. It’s got to be said, Demada Spa has one of the best therapists in Bali, who from the get go started with a strong grip and never wavered, even for a second. It began with nerve-stimulating and muscle-relaxing acupressure on several points on the back and the legs, before slathering the warm aromatic oils starting from the feet and legs with fine, solid strokes and kneading that finishes off with a firm skin rolling and flicking that definitely gave the body a certain jolt followed by complete relaxation.

There are three skin-friendly warm essential oil options for the treatment: the soothing coconut oil that has antimicrobial properties and skin-nourishing vitamin E; the delicious chocolate essential oil rich in antioxidants that promote softer skin and boosts production of collagen; and the refreshing lemongrass essential oil to relieve aching muscles and joints.
Demada Spa’s Aroma Relax is designed to wake up the mind and body, especially for those who are under a lot of stress (which can translate itself to a tense body) or jet-lag. And it certainly does the trick as post-treatment our body felt super refreshed and energetic, leadint to a positive side effect: better posture and mood. The use of essential oils dates to the age-old Ayurveda teachings, and the warm temperature certainly makes it easier for our body to absorb its beneficial properties which include improved circulation, boosting stamina, toned muscles, enhanced mental alertness, and, yes, softer skin.  And my, what a massage… [Sahiri]
Demada Spa
Jl. Raya Petitenget No.1000x Seminyak
T. 4730 2014 |


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