Dedari Spa

Dedari Spa

Dedari Spa will take you to explore and enjoy Indonesian spa traditions.
Dedari Spa is part of Golden Tulip Jineng Resort’s multi-level architectural centerpiece, the Nalini, which is designed to provide a complete experience for body and mind. The interior design is inspired by the beauty of the island. Located on the Nalini’s second floor, the spa houses a welcoming lobby area, as well as three single rooms and one couple’s room, complete with bathrooms.
What we had to start our spa experience here was their “Balinese Massage” (500k for 90 minutes). The treatment kicked off with the mandatory foot ritual, getting us ready through a brief foot massage, as well as a foot cleansing which utilized lavender-scented foot soap and sea salt scrub. Prior to the massage, a respiratory therapy was also done, comforting our system aromatically as the therapist asked us to take a long, slow inhale over her oil-covered hands. The massage then took over, bringing our body and mind deep relaxation. Inspired by classical Hindu medical science, this therapeutic massage combined long stretches and gentle pressure with aromatherapy oils, aiming to stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen. After 90 minutes, this relaxing affair was then paired with “Javanese Lulur” (350k) which used traditional Javanese scrub to exfoliate and brighten the skin. It was followed by a gentle massage with yogurt, leaving our skin soft, bright and fragrant as we ended our spa experience at Dedari Spa.
For the massage, there are three options of essential oil which can be selected prior to the treatment. Differentiated by scents and benefits, they are Energizing Oil with bergamot aroma, Detox Oil with frangipani aroma and Relaxing Oil with grapefruit aroma. Meanwhile, the second treatment utilizes a traditional kind of scrub from the island of Java, created by concocting active, natural herbs with rice.
With Indonesian heritage in mind, Dedari Spa has created a well-crafted menu that invites guests to explore and enjoy Indonesian spa traditions. By combining natural ingredients and well-executed techniques, all treatments here are bound to take you on a pampering journey. Besides a selection of massages and scrubs, Dedari Spa also offers reflexology and facial treatments, perfect for those who need something more in their wellness routine.
Dedari Spa
Golden Tulip Jineng Resort, Jl. Sunset Road No. 98, Kuta
T. 472 7488

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