Body Temple Spa

An exclusive spa experience that soothes and rejuvenates.
The Body Temple Spa opened last December in the refurbished villa right next to Finns Beach Club. Actually the entrance is through Finns where you’ll pass a manicured lawn, coconut trees, and a swimming pool, up to the front desk at the verandah. There are long comfy sofas, antique furnishings and even a pool table! Upon arriving you’ll be treated with a refreshing rosella tea before the staff takes you to the second floor, passing the “living room” where there are six chairs for mani-pedi, and then to the super spacious room where the masseuse is waiting. Berawa’s Body Temple houses five couple rooms with large windows that overlook gorgeous views of the ocean, with bathrooms that have expansive tubs for you take a bath/shower after the treatment.
Before starting the Soothing Warm Stone Massage (500k++ for 60min; 700k++ for 90mins) we had to fill in a form with questions regarding our health and to inform them which points we wanted the therapist to focus her magic hands on (we picked shoulder and lower back). Then off for the massage! Well, it’s actually off to a chair first to get a brief foot cleanse and exfoliation with a dash of salt. A soothing—and sleep-inducing—playlist via the spa’s iPod accompanied the treatment. The initial Balinese massage helps to relax and warm up the muscles before the real show lands on your skin. The warm stones feel hot at first on your back but gradually you get used to the smooth round stones, which now the therapist uses to massage by masterfully gliding and sweeping the entire body with a gentle pressure, concentrating longer on the areas that we wanted.

The stones that are the stars of the show and are believed to possess healing powers, and by heating them it helps release that energy onto our body. For the massage you have three aromatherapy oils to choose from: Detoxing Oil (grapefruit and juniper berry), Relaxing Oil (lavender and citrus) and Energizing Oil (peppermint, eucalyptus, and fennel).
The Balinese massage and warm stones are certainly a perfect mix—the massage relaxes and the natural stones reinvigorate! The deft concentration of heat-radiating stones on certain points on our body help to expand blood vessels and stimulate circulation as well as lymph nodes, which all translates to a completely refreshed body and mind. The location for Body Temple (it’s a second branch after Canggu Club) is also ideal: after lounging at Finns or by the beach, a soothing massage will ensure that you’re either ready for a fun night out or a chilling night in.
Body Temple Spa
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
T. +62 856 380 7806


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