Body Temple Spa

An energizing facial for men, combined with a “heart of the ocean” ritual.
For a luxurious skin rejuvenating experience, head down to Finns Recreation Club where the Body Temple Spa awaits. After a day chilling with the family at the club or getting a bit of a tan at nearby Berawa Beach, the Body Temple Spa is a swell place to unwind with its well-designed head-to-toe treatments.

The Beat tried the 60-minutes Energize Man Facial (IDR800k) that uses the premium Thalgo skincare line from France with marine active ingredients. The treatment starts with a relaxing massage with circular hand movements covering the face, neck, arms, and chest area. At one point, at the start of the treatment, the therapist recreated the sound of the ocean with his hand movements over our face wrap to further soothe our mind and body. Thalgo’s Reviving Marine Mist cooling face spray marks the beginning of the facial, followed by a succession of deep cleansing and exfoliation to remove those pesky dead skin cells, ending with a double layered face mask plus a skin-rejuvenating serum. Even their hot towel (used to clean and to open up our pores prior to a new session of cleansing) is infused with Thalgo’s Essence Aquatique.

Other than the aforementioned products, the facial uses other Thalgo skin nourishing and revitalizing products such as Softness Exfoliator, Marine Massage Cream, Pure Freshness Tonic Lotion, Intensive Hydrating Cream, Foaming Marine Cleanser, Algue Bleu Vitale Extract, Ultra Hydra Marine Mask, and Collage Eye Concentrate.
The Energize Man Facial certainly lives up to its namesake—the treatment caters to men’s stress prone skin and combines energizing marine active ingredients with relaxing massage movements to diffuse them directly to the heart of the skin (they call this the Eveil a la Mer massage). Other than revealing clearer and healthier skin, afterwards we also felt super relaxed and, yes, energized!
Body Temple Spa
Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa, Canggu
T. 474 1001

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