Away Spa

This spa is surely one of the best in Bali.
Located on the ground floor of W Retreat & Spa Bali, Away Spa has an extraordinary vibe, with a combination of stylish interiors, vivid colors, playful scents, imaginative sounds and energizing lights that treat all senses. As for the facilities, this lavish spa houses three single rooms with meditation platforms, two double rooms with vitality baths, two spa suites with wet and dry treatment areas, a beauty room and a hair salon.
After enjoying some time in the detox room, trying out the oxygen mask and sipping on a detox drink, our friendly therapist came and led us to the treatment room. We chose the Away Spa’s signature “Morning After” (1,300k); a treatment that is designed for guests who wish to detox from a long, playful night out. However, it is also perfect for those who are after a comprehensive massage to prepare themselves for what comes next. Seated on a comfy chair in our room, the treatment began with the ritual foot bath. While we got our feet cleansed, our therapist asked if we needed the prelude session. Done prior to the main treatment, the prelude session aims to promote agility in movement, increases flexibility and stimulates blood circulation through proper stretching. Thus, it gets our body really prepared for the main treatment. The therapeutic massage then started. It was so deep, combining lots of stretching with fingers, hands and forearm pressures. It worked deeply to relieve the muscular aches and pains, with the help of aromatic herbal oil that soothed our minds. The treatment lasted for 90 minutes, and it was totally healing as we felt that our body had become so much lighter. We ended our experience with another glass of detox drink.
For this treatment, Away Spa utilizes a special massage oil which contains rosemary and lime. For a total energizing effect, this herbal massage oil has also been infused with fresh ingredients such as rosemary, basil, lime and mint leaves.
Fun and fabulous, this luxury spa is a fantastic haven in which to pause and rewind. We have to admit that they have a very complete menu, with various options. It gets better with the complete facilities they offer, including in the changing rooms such as hot stone baths and hydro jet cold plunges which can be enjoyed before or after. There is also a chill bar and refuel area where guests can sit back and relax with a selection of refreshing beverages, made to complete the whole experience. Furthermore, Away Spa is also open 24 hours, meaning that you can get treated and spoiled anytime you wish!
Away Spa
W Retreat & Spa Bali,
Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak
T. 4738 106


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