ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics

Offering you comprehensive solutions for your beauty and dental health.
Set on Sunset Road, ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics is certainly one of the best aesthetic destinations in the island. The interior is lavish, with a spacious lobby area leading through to a corridor that reveals a multitude of informal seating areas, private consultation rooms and treatment rooms. The white-dominated interior is kept simple yet elegant, with a grey rug creating a warm atmosphere. The clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities complement the treatments offered.
Visiting the clinic means it’s time for a happy face and a wide smile. Our experience here started with their new “Express Facial” (350k), an ideal solution for people who have tight schedules, as well as for those who prefer to not undergo the extraction method which can be painful. In addition to brightening the skin, this treatment was meant for relaxation, with the procedure including face cleansing, scrubbing and toning, followed by a soothing massage, minty face mask and sunscreen application. Carried out in as little as 45 minutes, it was indeed a perfect quick-fix for the dull, tired-looking skin. Our experience continued with their “Teeth Whitening” (2,900k) which took approximately two hours. It began with consultation session with the dentist to give us a better indication of how the treatment works. As we wished to proceed, the treatment continued with teeth cleaning to remove plaques and tartars. Making sure that we would feel as most comfortable as possible throughout the whitening session, we had our tongue and gum protected, so that it won’t be harmed by the gel. The gel itself was applied to the teeth three times during the session, activated by light for about ten minutes each to let it work. After the last application, we got our teeth and gum cleaned, ended with teeth mousse application as the after treatment.

The facial treatment uses Nelly De Vuyst which has a longstanding reputation as one of the most effective and corrective brands on the market. The products are known to combine the finest of science and nature for long-lasting results. Meanwhile, the dental treatment uses an American product, Everbrite In-Office Tooth Whitening Kit, as well as 35% hydrogen peroxide gel.
As the first for its kind in Bali, they have always taken the issue of beauty seriously. Besides the facilities, their comprehensive treatments are supported by a dedicated team of doctors and nurses to ensure their guests’ comfort, safety and hygiene. If you’re planning to get an extensive treatment for your face and teeth, check them out now as they are currently offering some cosmetic and packages throughout this month, including the Basic Refreshment Package (1,020k), Basic Rejuvenation Package (5,950k) and Ultimate Rejuvenation package (9,950k).
ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics
Jl. Sunset Road No. 819, Kuta
T. 754 645/766 282/750 982


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