Ambiente Spa

One of the best options on Kuta Beach.
Located in Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort & Spa, this spa boasts a marine concept through its Balinese-inspired design. It is filled with white-washed wooden furniture, complete with underwater photographs, sea-inspired ornaments and dashes of blue that remind visitors of the ocean. Positioned just next to the hotel’s lobby, Ambiente Spa houses two single rooms, two couple rooms, one reflexology room and one beauty salon.

We picked their 60-minute Aromatherapy Body Massage (540k), and it was a great treatment that helped us feel rebalanced. It kicked off with a soothing foot ritual, before our treatment continued with an aromatherapy body massage, using a combination of stretches and pressures which worked together perfectly with the aromatherapy oil. One thing that made the oil more special was that it had been warmed prior to the massage, so that it was good for stimulating the flow and energy within our body. Meanwhile, the massage itself was very relaxing, with gentle hand movements that melted the tension away. After 60 minutes, we were allowed to shower, followed by a cup of warm herbal tea that made a pleasant finish to our treatment.
For this treatment, the spa focuses on using local products which use Balinese herbs and spices as the ingredients. Not only do these oils possess a distinctive aroma, they also bring positive benefits for your body and health. The options are Kutus Kutus Oil, Bokashi Rub Oil and Frangipani Oil.

Ambiente Spa has a variety of treatments on their menu, starting from the beauty treatments, traditional treatments, to full-body rituals. Some of their treatments are inspired by Ayurveda and Balinese philosophies, making perfect options for those who want to be rejuvenated physically and spiritually. They also have a Vichy shower facility, perfect for those who want to experience hydrotherapy. Add these with their affordable prices, it’s safe to say that Ambiente Spa is one of the best options you can find on Kuta Beach.
Ambiente Spa
Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort & Spa,
Jl. Pantai Kuta, Kuta
T. 751 961


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