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You would think there is almost more cafes than people in Canggu, but this stylish, yet completely unpretentious joint is exactly what was missing in our hood! Their no fuss menu is as fun as their motto: “Think dirty, eat clean”.

The concept is simple and that is how we like it. Debbie Does Salad centers around – yes you guessed it – an epic salad bar. Complemented by slinging third wave coffee and fermented, fizzy Kombucha on tap and to complete the heaps of goodness, there is also delectable selection of raw cakes. And that is really all you ever need to eat. Oh wait, you will also need smoothie bowls – the newest addition to an already badass menu.

The aromatic coffee blend is provided by none other than our ultimate favorite Expat Roasters, making sure that you will get a top-notch quality served in every cup! Coffee snobs of Canggu rejoice, no burned coffee beans or overheated milk anymore. The kombucha is masterfully brewed by …And the guilt free gluten free, raw cakes are homemade by Mindful Munchies.

The way Debbie does the power salad is that you custom order your bowl. There is so many fixings we’d have to use this entire magazine to write it all out. Then you perfect it with free choice of dressing and salsa and all that will only set you back by 55K (yes that is less than $5)!! Need an extra protein kick? Add the tender Coconut Tamarind Chicken for 20K (2$). You are not likely to get tired of this joint as the combinations are pretty much endless. You also will not ever leave hungry, that is how gigantic the salad bowls are, not to mention utterly flavorsome. We are especially super in love the “make your own” option, our fave is adding halved Avocado onto all the green yumminess, talking about power lunch huh?

And what everybody will love is that they are very friendly to your wallet. We could basically eat here on daily basis, and we do! We’ll race you to Debbie does salad on any given day. [Vero]

Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu (near Echo beach)
Open: daily 7am – 5.30pm
Insta: @debbiedoessaladbali

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