Pig & Dan hatch some magic

HATCH. Friday June 30, 2023. The legendary techno DJ producing purveyors of the good times were in town for one night only. One half of the duo was enough to keep the packed, mixed young and older crowd bopping away to the latest tunes from the UK masters. Good times even with some inclement weather outside. 

DAFT PUNK Re-Discovered in Hatch

HATCH. Friday May 6, 2023. If you were wondering what happened to Daft Punk, they made a return show at Hatch last Friday. Well, not really, it was a tribute duo called Daft Punk Discovery in town for the night blasting out  well-known tracks from the famed and long gone French electronic group with an enthusiastic crowd in the house.   

DJ Muska in the Electric Garden

HATCH. Friday April 21, 2023. Melbourne’s musical sensation, Muska was supplying the tunes at Hatch’s Electric Garden  last Friday night. The crowd was up for it as they normally are on the Fridays. Great club and pumping sounds from the maestro. 

Kompakt Records at Hatch

HATCH. Friday Jan 27, 2023. Kompakt Records’ presented their superstar duo Michael Mayer and Gui Boratto at Hatch last Sunday evening. It was a rare opportunity for music enthusiasts to witness the incredible LIVE performance of these two legendary artists and the punters made the most of it. Great show and awesome turn out by the Uluwatu faithful. Hatch has really got the sound and lighting down pat. 


HATCH. Friday Jan 27, 2023. Bali Drum & Bass Movement took over Hatch for a night and all the jungle boys and gals from all over Uluwatu were in the house to bop till they dropped. Koyuki, Rizkycore, Godstone market, B455 were spinning the tunes. MC Jonskee gave it all he had. When’s the next one, we’ll let you know soon. 


HATCH. Friday Jan 27, 2023. World famous, progressive son, Christoph returned to Bali last Friday night, this time at Uluwatu’s Hatch which started off slowly due to some heavy weather, but crunched when it counted. The crowd came from no where and it was rocking by the time the visiting UK DJ producer got on the decks. Great night. 


Hatch held their Grand Opening last week. It was really their re-opening, as they were open briefly before Covid, but they made the most of and had a huge crowd in for the Thursday night event. Great music and great vibe in the burning man, afro influenced venue. Even the belting rain, rarely seen on the Bukit, didn’t slow them down. Awesome night.