The Rebels x Red Bull Gold

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The Rebels video marks Red Bull Gold’s first foray into a web series, featuring famous Indonesian artists such as Luna Maya, Valerie Thomas, and Keanu Campora. The video series’ narrative follows a handful of young adults in London whose lives become intertwined as they experience hardships and triumphs. It is a coming-of-age story that sees its protagonists venture out into the world and break free from the shackles of expectations in pursuit of true passion.

The Rebels invites us to look to Red Bull Gold when we need that extra dose of strength and stamina to overcome the challenges ahead. The premium beverage contains a number of ingredients created specifically with this goal in mind—taurine helps with improved performance during physical activity, caffeine for increased concentration, and vitamin B complex to help with the body’s metabolism and energy production. You can watch the six episodes of The Rebels for free on Youtube! Catch the first action packed episode below….

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