The Summer Rainbow Charity Event

Summer Rainbow Charity Night is one of two annual events that the Bali Rainbow Community organize to raise funds for people around Bali. This year the show will be less formal than previous events with star DJs, fabulous drag queen shows, dance shows and a silent auction all at Harris Sunset Kuta on Sunset Road on Saturday July 2 from 7pm. This event has the “summer rainbow” theme so you know what to wear!
The organisers want to have a wider audience to be able to take part in this good cause and at the same time have a great time. So this year the ticket price is only Rp 150,000.  Monies raised are donated to a variety of NGOs, previous charity commitments and the BRC helps people in financial need. Bali Rainbow Community does not exclude anyone from the party, which is shown from the price of this year’s gala event. Be there early. Tickets are available all over town. Check the advert in this edition of The Beat for locations or sms Astri on 085738208552 for more details.
More details about Bali Rainbow Community
Bali Rainbow Community (BRC) is a non-profit organization of businesses and individuals committed to assist HIV & AIDS awareness, education and financial support for positive patients in need within the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community in Bali.
Since 2011 funds have been donated to assist the following NGOs to continue their outreach works and medical treatments:  Yayasan Dua Hati, Yayasan Gaya Dewata , Yayasan Bali Peduli and Yayasan Kerti Praja. Financial support to the sum of Rp 528,325,000 has been provided to these agencies to continue their work in programs such as; direct client medical / hospital / living expenses, incentives and administration expenses for Condoman, HIV / AIDS awareness programs, the “Test & Treat ” program, and our new project, funding for the intial two years of Bali’s first transgender shelter house for HIV positive transgenders.
A detailed breakdown of the number of specific client assisted can be seen bellow and/or direct link.
Number of Persons
79  Medical Expenses
56  Hospital expenses
13  Personal Living
47 Lab Test for WARCAN shelter house for HIV+ transgenders (long and short residents )
116  Men tested during HIV awareness accrediation program <3000   Condoman, 2 yrs running program on public beaches and clubs.

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