Rip Curl Cup 2019

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This year’s Rip Curl Cup features one of the most exclusive bouts in professional surfing with just 16 competitors — Indonesia’s finest making up half and the world’s elite making up the other half. The waiting period spans the entire month of July until the 31st, which is also the peak of Indonesia’s season of swell. When the swell lines up optimally in Padang Padang, an official forecast will be sent out giving competitors 48 hours to make it to the world-famous beach. The select number of surfer invitations makes it highly likely that it will be a “one-day, one-swell” event. It is one of the world’s great surfing events with talent such as defending champion Jack Robinson, Mason Ho, and local legend Mega Semadhi in the lineup. For those in Bali at the time, it will be a day of spectacular performances in incredible conditions that is not be missed. Head to the official Rip Curl Asia website to stay updated on all the action.

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