Experience the most sacred day in the Balinese Pawukon year

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One of the most fascinating and traditional events in Bali,Tumpek Wayang is the final and most sacred day of Tumpek in the Balinese Pawukon year. This closing event unites each of the eight dates of Tumpek, welcoming a shift in the seasons and bringing together thousands for sacred reflection. The event is linked to Lord Kala, God of the Underworld. Accordingly to Balinese lore, Lord Kala was born an Ogre, due to the wicked union between his Godly parents, Shiva and Uma. The Balinese believe that any child born on this date carries negative energy, so locals host the famous sapuh leger shadow puppet shows for a purification process and scare Kala away. You can experience the most holy day and magical in the Hindu calendar at Besakih or your nearest temple on Saturday 20 april.

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