Deus Bike Build Off

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The Deus Bike Build Off is a definitive favorite in the custom-motorcycle community. The event calls all “wrench botherers, amateur tinkerers and fettling fetishists” to design and devise innovative bike builds in a wild competition between the best on Saturday, July 13. The theme is to have builders create the most with the least—favoring ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness over expensive parts. This philosophy usually makes for some really interesting and humorous creations. Deus’ attitude towards the world of motorcycles is reflected absolutely in this celebration that sees the brand returned to its roots. For the first time ever, the competition will include a global online platform where builders all over the world can upload their builds. As usual, however, Deus holds celebration events at all of the global flagship stores around the world throughout the month of July. Our local edition will be held at the Canggu location on Saturday, July 13, from 12pm – 6pm. Come down and enjoy what is sure to be a spectacle, alongside live music, DJs, and cheap food and drinks.

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