New Place: Waroeng Du’ur

There’s a new place on Jalan Umalas I, it’s Waroeng Du’ur which opened mid-October and serves Indonesian, Western and Asian cuisine. The meaning of “warung” in the Indonesian language is a shop and the meaning of du’ur in Balinese is upstairs. So Waroeng Du’ur is upstairs overlooking rice-fields and it’s surrounded by local Balinese houses. The restaurant is constructed with bamboo materials, including their tables and chairs.
Waroeng Du’ur offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and their menu is super diverse with burgers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and authentic Indonesian Balinese foods. Their specialty is the Balinese Nasi Goreng, which contains traditional ingredients. Try their Matcha Milkshake, comes with green tea flavor and ice cream on top. Some of their popular dishes are their Fruit Pizza, Special BBQ Burger and Tuna Asparagus salad along with their breakfasts, which include the Breakfast Sandwich and the Irish Breakfast.
36 seated.
Opening hours:
7am-10pm, seven days a week.
Price range:
Foods 15K – 85K, while drinks 8K – 275K (non-alcohol and alcohol).
Jalan Umalas I No. 37 (On the top of G Mart).
Telephone number:


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