New Place: CHAPS

Chaps is a new place that opened about two months ago and is located in the now uber-cool Canggu area, not far from Oldmans and just a few meters from the Y-junction on Pantai Batu Bolong street.
The venue was intentionaly designed as a place where small parties of mature people can kickback and relax in a sexy, private and intimate environment, reminiscent of a burlesque bar, or to be more precise, a modern rendering of a Western saloon. And as with any other burlesque bars, its highlight is the variety of entertainment, consisting of dancers, live musicians and DJs among other performers on the program.
The name itself came when the owner of the establishment, opened one of the boxes sent to her from one of her friends who lives in Texas, which contained varieties of objects that could be used to decorate the venue, which was then still nameless. One of the very 1st objects that came out of the very first boxes, was a pair of chaps, which are sturdy coverings for the legs consisting of leggings and a belt, commonly associated with the cowboy culture of the American West. A pair of chaps can be found framed on the wall of the dimly lit venue itself, greeting everyone that comes by.
As you walked through the entrance door, Western culture paraphernalia’s adorns Chap’s walls and hallways, such as native American headpieces, cowboy hats, and bar seats made from cowboy saddles, among other things. The place itself isn’t huge, but the proprietor managed to squeeze a tattoo studio (that’s open day and night from 9am), two indoor tables, two outdoor porches, three private cubicles; one named the red velvet room (seductively completed with curtains that can be closed shut if more privacy is required), a well stocked bar, and varieties of exotic dancing equipment; two poles, a swing and a long fabric that hangs from above the ceiling, which was intended for aerial silk dancers, in the two storey open space. Chaps is also available for private parties, such as bachelors and bachelorette’s, after wedding parties, birthday, or any other parties the client had in mind.
So if the big festive venues of Bali tire you out and some intimacy is required, Chaps is just the place; It’s easy to imagine all sorts of debauchery that could happen in such tight, intimate space.
Bar open from 5pm – 1am
Jl Batubolong 58.Canggu. Tel: 081338285236
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